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The United States of America (USA) is a country where a large number of students from different zones of the world come to study.  On the student’s priority list, the USA is a topmost country for the best choice of study. The USA provides top-level support to the students of a different region. They provide quality education to the students. Students who complete their Education over there have excellence in their skills. 

The USA is a region with a multicultural environment. Since students of different domains interact with each other so able to adjust in that atmosphere easily. The student has flexible study hours because of which they able to manage the live hood and study in an easy manner. 

In this article, we are going to enlighten about how Indian students can “Study in the USA”. We will share details about how to apply in USA universities, their Admission procedure, Fee Structure, Education System etc. So that if you are thinking to study Abroad then you can make plans accordingly. Hope, we will be able to provide you with all the required information so that you do not need to search on other websites for the same.

Indian Students in the United States (USA) Universities / Colleges

Most of the students from India have a preference to study in US Universities/Colleges. In the USA there are abundant career opportunities which are the main reason why students choose in the study over there. There is top-rated US Universities/colleges list by Indian students. 

From India, students of different streams come for study or research purpose to the USA. They complete their higher education and build their career. 

Admission procedure in USA universities and college vary from India. There is a difference in fee structure, study criteria in the USA. In this article, we will cover all these important details so that you can search for a suitable college/university as per your choice of study stream, IELTS score and budget.

 Main USA College Courses Chosen By Indian Students

Students can choose any courses as per their choices. But most of the Indian students opt some particular courses in the USA. Study of America varies from study in India. Students of USA choose any field as per their interest. Indian students think about their career, ability to meet their goals for the long term and want to make their future secure. There is a long list of Universities and College courses in the USA. 

Some main courses chosen by Indian Students in the USA are:

1) STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Large numbers of students go for these subjects in the USA from India. Under Technology, there is large variety of courses like PHP, Mobile application development (Android and iOS), Website Development, Graphic and Website designing, Microsoft professionalism etc.

2) Business Management and Administration: Business Studies are also quite popular in Indian Students of US. This is helpful to grow their own businesses over there. 

3)After these subjects there are many other subjects like Nursing, Hospitality, LAW, Film Studies, Environmental Studies are popular in Indian students. 

Students choose any of the courses as per their choice, passion and to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. Study in Abroad helps to fulfil their aim. There is a long list of USA College and universities. 

Average Fee structure/ Cost of Universities/ Colleges in the USA

When you decide to study from the USA you need to be aware of its Fee Structure, admission criteria only then you can choose a suitable/affordable university for yourself. Fee Structure varies from university to university or College to College. There is no same fee structure in every Educational Institute. Also, Universities provide scholarship programs for brilliant students so that money does not affect their studies. Talking average fees structure of USA, it is listed below, please have a glance:

  • For Public 2 year colleges $ 12000
  • For Public 4 year colleges $ 21000 (In State Fees)
  • For Public 4 year colleges $ 37000 (Out of State Fees)
  • Private Nonprofit Colleges $ 48500

These are estimations which include only “Tuition Fees” plus “Room and Board Fees”. This estimation does not include Transportation or other living expenses. As these expenses vary from location to location. 

There are many Universities and Colleges in the USA which provides Financial Aid to students so that they can complete their study without any hurdle. 

Important Examinations for Study in the USA

To study in America or abroad, one basic condition is to give language exam. Proficiency in English is must to study over there. Following exam held to study in the USA:

  • TOEFL: This Exam is conducted to study in Canada and the United States. This exam is valid for 2 years after the declaration of result.
  • PTE: This exam is also valid in a few Colleges of US and Canada. The score of this exam is also valid for 2 years after the declaration of the result.

How To Get Admission in USA Colleges: Step By Step Application Process

To take admission in USA there are many US admission consultants available who guide students with complete admission procedure, the scope of the course as per their study and score. 

There is a limited number of seats for international students so you need to be fast to approach college or university of your choice. 

  • You can directly contact to the universities from their website or can fill the Admission. Universities select students on the basis of their test score TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT score and their academics score. Application form charges around $35 to $100. 
  • If you match the Universities eligibility criteria then they consider your application form. After this some universities held Admission TEST. 
  • If you clear that test, then confirmation letter is provided to you via email. You need to pay your deposit to complete the Admission process. 

The same procedure is followed for US college admission. 

 Education System in the USA

The education system in the USA is different from India. A student while studying in the USA have flexible study hours, they get 20 hours of work permit along with their study to earn money for the livelihood. 

When students make their mind to study in the United States, you need to have proper awareness about its Educational System, what are advantages of completing your study from this country, whether you are meeting its eligibility criteria or not. 

Indian Students Visa Requirements for USA College Admission

To study in US visa requirements includes: 

  • Student needs to have a valid passport and previously approved passport (if you have).
  • Passport size photograph with white background
  • There is one page named DS – 160 (Visa Interview form) confirmation form with Scan/ bar code and other form is I-120 (Issued by USA university/College)
  • Visa Application fee receipt.
  • VFS (VISA Facilitation Services) appointment letter
  • SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) receipt. 

Get Admission Abroad: The Best Admission Consultants For Study In USA Guidance

Get Admission Abroad provides students with proper guidance to study in the USA. They provide consultancy to choose a course, the scope of your study in the USA, Examination criteria etc. and provide training to clear the Language Test for USA like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc. 

So, this is the basic knowledge you need to know if you are making a plan to study in Abroad. FAQs for Study in the USA

We know you might have some questions regarding admission in the US universities. Here we have answered some of the important questions.

1. Why to choose study in the USA for Indian Students?

Indian Students assume that the Education System of the USA is very good and by studying over there it will be helpful for their career and meeting their future goals. Also, students can earn money and make their livelihood along with study. Study hours in the USA are flexible so students can focus on their career along with study. 

2. How do I begin the process of studying in the United States?

You can take the advice of Admission Consultants, they can guide you to choose a course on the basis of your choice of subject, their scope in future. On the basis of this, you can filter colleges and universities which match your academy and test score. You need to apply for particular universities to get admission. 

3. Is it possible to transfer from one USA College to another without starting the program over?

Yes, it is possible to transfer from one USA College to another. But other College should accept you. There might be chances you will not get all your deposits back unless there is a paid tuition fee. 

4. What are the basic steps to study in America?

You need to have a passport, clear IELTS exam, should meet University/College eligibility criteria on which you want to take admission.


5. What are the top universities/ Colleges in the USA

Some of the top colleges in the USA are: 

  • Columbia University, New York
  • Stanford University,  Stanford
  • Harvard University, Cambridge
  • Princeton University, Princeton
  • Yale University, New Haven
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
  • Duke University, Durham
  • Brown University, Providence 
  • New York University, New York
  • The University of Chicago, Chicago etc.

But there is a limited number of seats for the international candidates so you need to be very fast to apply for the desired university or College, otherwise, seats get full and you will have to compromise with less impressive university/ college. 

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