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Canada is a major country of the North America continent which is famously known as the second-largest Nation in terms of its population. The country is highly developed and has over 80% urbanised population base with a high standard of living.  Ottawa is the official capital of the country and the English/French are the two majorly spoken languages of the country, while Toronto is the largest city of the country. The country is having ten provinces and the majority of its population have the urban standard of living with the decent per capita income bar.  Indian students have always been fascinated towards the educational infrastructure of the country due to which they opt the country for the various kinds of higher education courses such as Business management etc.  We are here in this article are going to help our fellow Indian management aspirants in finding the top MBA Colleges in Canada, from where they can undertake their postgraduate management program. The article would provide you with all the other aspects of the management courses such as the admission eligibility criteria, fee structure etc.

Study Masters of Business Administration in Canada: Admission Procedure for Indian Students

If you want your MBA admission in Canada then you must make yourself aware of the admission procedure for the management colleges of the country.

Here is our step by step admission procedure which you can follow in the same manner.

  • Visit the official website of the concerned college/University at least one year before your target academic year since the admission begins in advance and often the seats are filled very quickly.
  • You can download the admission application form from the website of the college.
  • Fill the application form in the appropriate manner and attach all your academic records in the form.
  • The score of IELTS/TOEFL should also be attached.
  • GMAT is mandatory therefore you should also attach the qualified certificate of the same and also attach your or your parent’s Bank solvency certificate to prove that you can afford your education in the country.
  • You can also attach the recommendation letter along with the other required documents which will enhance the credibility of your admission application.
  • Submit the form to the University/College and then wait for the response regarding the application.
  • Once your admission application is approved then you can pay the tuition and the admission fee and apply for the student Visa.
  • As soon as you get your student visa you will be eligible to move to Canada as the student of the specific college/University of the country.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students for MBA Program in Canada

Well, in order to study MBA in Canada all the Indian students have to meet out specific admission eligibility criteria of the Canadian management colleges.

Here we are simplifying the admission eligibility criteria for the convenience of all the students.

  • First of all the Indian candidate must be a graduate degree holder with a decent score from a well recognised Indian University/College.
  • If there is any work proof of the candidate in the management domain then it must be in the written form.
  • The English proficiency exam such as IELTS/TOEFL is also necessary.
  • Further, the GMAT is the mandatory exam for studying management courses in Canada.

GMAT Eligibility Requirement for Studying MBA in Canada B Schools

As we have already discussed that the decent score in the GMAT is the core criteria in order to study MBA in Canada from the top college of the country. However, the decent score in GMAT is not the sole criteria for getting admission into the colleges of Canada.

You can still get admission into some B school of business in Canada for your MBA with an average mark in the GMAT since the B class schools take the other academics aspects of the candidate in the course of granting them the admission.

So, you still have quite good chances to get into the B class business schools of Canada on the basis of your average GMAT score.

Top Universities/Colleges Ranking for MBA in Canada

MBA in Canada for the Indian students is the best option to go for since the country has wide numbers of Indian origin people and the students who are studying there already. Therefore, Indian students find a homely environment in Canada.

We are here listing down the top Universities/Colleges of Canada in accordance to their ranking, so that you can easily make your analysis to get into the best possible management institution of the country.

  • The Desautels Faculty of Management
  • Jospeh L Rotman School of Management
  • Ivey Business School
  • The Smith School of Business
  • HEC Montreal Business School
  • UBC Sauder School of Business
  • John Molson School of Business
  • Alberta School of Business
  • The Beedie School of Business

These are the top business schools of the country which are highly ranked among all other business schools for the MBA program.

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Application Dates for Studying MBA in Canada

Well, the MBA course in Canada has a certain admission deadline, which means you must make your admission application before the deadline. The admission deadline for the MBA program is highly fluctuating, which vary from the one business school to the other and some schools may have a fixed deadline while the other has the rolling deadline.

Here we are providing you with the admission deadline for some business schools or the Universities of the country.

Name of College/University Application Window/Deadline
Brock University May 1st for domestic students while March 1st for the international students
Cape Breton University 28th February is the last date for the July semester
Dalhousie University July 1st for the domestic students, February 1st for the Chinese students and April 1st for all international students
First Nation’s University March 31st for the overseas students while June 15 for the domestic students
Laurentian University February 1st
Mount Saint Vincent University March 1st for the September academics while April 1st for October semester
Segal Graduate School of Business April 30th is the deadline for the September academic session
University of Alberta March 30th is the deadline for the Chinese student while for the other candidates it is April 30th
University of Victoria April 30th is the last date of application

Cost Fee Structure of MBA Colleges 2021-22

The cost of studying MBA in Canada is something which always concerns the Indian management aspirants since the majority of the Indian students come from the middle-class family where the budget is always limited for the higher education.

Here the Indian students can check out the fee structure of MBA program from the Canadian business schools or the Universities.

Name of College/University Fee Structure
York University $99400
University of Alberta $53,392
UBC Sauder $60,440
HEC Montreal $33,200
Queen’s Smith School of Business $71,445
Ivey Business School $101,500

Scholarship Financial Aids for Indian Students at Canada Business Schools

If you are someone who belongs to the family with some financial constraints, then scholarship for MBA in Canada is something which can provide you with some financial assistance.

Yes, Indian students are eligible for the MBA scholarship in Canada and can apply for the same through the several business schools of the country. There are significant numbers of the schools which offer the scholarship program to the international students so that they can mitigate their fee and the other charges in the course of their program.  We urge you to visit the official website of the concerned business school in order to have specific information on the scholarship program of the school. Your merit in the academics and the financial background of the family are going to be key criteria in the assessment of your scholarship eligibility.

Visa Application Process for Studying MBA in Canada

There is a very simple Visa application process for MBA in Canada which starts after the student gets the admission approval letter from the business school of the country. Once the student receives the admission confirmation letter then the student can apply for the Student Visa by making the application for the same to the business school or the University.

The application for the Student Visa will be then sent to the Canadian immigration authorities and after checking out all the information regarding the candidate the authorities will issue the student Visa to such student.

The Visa can be collected from the Canadian embassy in India and kindly make your student Visa application well before the time since it takes some certain period of time which in delay may cause you to miss your academics classes.

Education System in Canada

The top Universities for MBA in Canada are well recognised around the world due to the exceptional and world-class standard of education. Canada is the Nation which is always known for its sheer focus upon its educational sector and the infrastructure, as the country have one of the highest literacy rates in the world, therefore, it attracts the international students to study the management and the other programs from the prestigious colleges/Universities of the country.

In Canada, you can typically have the three kinds of degree which are bachelor, graduate and doctoral programs. You can get the management degree in the same domains, as per your interest and the area of specialisation from the public and the private institutions of the country.

Job Opportunities After Studying MBA in Canada

Well, as we have already said that Canada is the dream destination for the Indian students to undertake their educational program and the management degree from Canada offers immense opportunities to the students in India.

Once you grab your management degree from Canada then you will be having many doors open before you in the corporate sector of the country, as there are many multinational companies in India, which offer the privilege to the management degree from abroad especially from the countries like Canada.

So, the management MBA degree from Canada is certainly going to boost your career for your best possible future prospective and you can surely go-ahead for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs regarding the MBA from Canada which are commonly asked by the Indian students. You can check them out here and make yourself clear about these questions.

Why Should I Pursue MBA from Canada?

Canada is one of the best foreign educational destinations for the Indians which offer the world-class standard of education at the affordable fee package and offer the global recognition of the MBA degree to the Indian students.

What is the Total Cost/Fees of Pursuing MBA from Canada?

The total cost of MBA from Canada on the average scale may reach from $75000-$1,000,00 for the duration of 2 years and the fee may vary from the one business school to the other.

What are the Entrance Examination Requirements for MBA for entry into MBA in Canadian Universities?

There is not any such entrance exam necessary to get into the Canadian MBA courses. However, the GMAT and the IELTS/TOEFL language proficiency exams are mandatory for admission.

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