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When we talk about the European continent then the countries such as the United Kingdom are the ones which actually make this continent. The United Kingdom which is also known by the name of Great Britain is a major country of Europe which has the status of a sovereign Nation.

The United Kingdom is a developed country, which has the modern and fully advanced infrastructure in all the domains. The majority of the population of country comes from the urban regions and the country is known for its long rich legacy.

In the context of Education, the United Kingdom is considered the pioneer nation which has the most oldest Universities in the world such as Oxford University, Cambridge University and the list goes on.

It is one among those countries which receive the largest numbers of the admission applications from the international students for the various kinds of educational programs.

There are as many as 5000 Indians students who come to study in the United Kingdom each year to undertake the various kinds of professional and the academic programs from the University/Colleges of the country.

In this article, we are going to discuss that whether availing the education from the United Kingdom is worth it for the Indian students.

So, if you are an Indian student and want to study in the United kingdom then this article is surely going to be fruitful for you and we urge you to read the entire article.

Indian Students in the UK Universities/Colleges

There is a significant trend in India among the students to study the various kinds of the program from the United Kingdom. As per the recent survey, the majority of the youth from India have the United Kingdom as their first choice when it comes to going abroad for the professional and the academics programs.

The students from India tend to opt the Oxford and the Cambridge Universities for their professional programs due to the global recognition of the programs from these Universities.

Preferred Courses Chosen by Indian Students in Britain

As we have mentioned above that there is the trend of pursuing the several professionals and the academic programs from the United Kingdom Colleges among the Indian candidates, who always dream of moving abroad for their respective education.

Here is the trend of those programs which are generally chosen by the Indian students.

  • Study of Medicine
  • Engineering Programs
  • Information Technology and Computer Application Programs
  • Business Management & Finance Programs
  • Pharmacy Programs
  • Software Engineering etc.

Average Fee Structure/Cost of Universities/Colleges in the United Kingdom

All those candidates who are aspiring of having United Kingdom college admission must check out the fee structure of its Universities/Colleges for the desired program.

It will provide them with a basic idea, as to whether they can afford the education from there or not.

Name of University/College Fee Structure of University/College
Oxford University 9250 Pounds Per Year
Cambridge University 9250 Pounds Per Year
Imperial College of London 9250 Pounds Per Year
University of Manchester 18500 Pounds Per Year
Cardiff University 9000 Pounds Per Year
Edge Hill University 12250 Pounds Per Year

Kindly note-  It is the average tuition fee structure for the various graduate programs of the Universities/Colleges in United Kingdom.

Important Examinations for Study in the United Kingdom

No matter which course you are willing to undertake from the top colleges in the United Kingdom, there are some mandatory entrance and the national exams which must be qualified by you in order to proceed your admission application further.

Here below you can check out the list of those exams for your knowledge.

  • GRE- It stands for the Graduate Record Examination and is mandatory for having admission into all the graduate program of United Kingdom
  • IELTS- International English Language Testing System it is the international exam of checking the English language proficiency scale of the candidates.
  • TOEFL– It is the National level exam of assessing the English language proficiency of candidates.
  • GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test which is mandatory for the graduate programs in management from the United Kingdom.

How to Get Admission in United Kingdom Colleges: Step by Step Guide

We are providing you here with the full step by step admission guide to seeking admission in colleges/Universities of United Kingdom easily. We urge you to follow the guide in the same manner.

  • First of all, be clear with the program that you want to study from the United Kingdom and then lookout for the best Universities/colleges offering the program.
  • After that check out the admission eligibility criteria of the University/College and then make sure that you qualify the eligibility criteria.
  • You can also seek the information regarding the fee structure of the concerned program from such University/College.
  • Now just appear in the language proficiency exam of the University such as IELTS since without this exam you can’t make your admission application there.
  • Now just compile all your documents and make your admission application to such college/University in the suggested manner.
  • Now if there is any other specific entrance exam from the institution such as GMAT etc then appear in the exam and then you just have to wait.
  • If the college/University approves your admission application then you will be issued the admission acceptance letter and after that, you will just need to pay your admission fee and submit all the documents as are required.
  • With it, you can begin your regular classes at the University/College of the United Kingdom after moving to the country.

Education System in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is known as having one of the best education systems in the world due to which any degree from the country is regarded on the high notes in any part of the world.

The country follows the typical system of education which is divided into four stages namely the primary education, secondary education, further education and then the higher education.

Any citizen of the country can seek admission into the primary education by the age of 5 years onwards and it has been even made legal for the children of United Kingdom to necessarily have the primary and the secondary education in the country.

Each stream of education in the United Kingdom has its own eligibility criteria which must be satisfied by the candidates.

Indian Students Visa Requirements in the United Kingdom

Yes just like any other country the student Visa is required in the United Kingdom for all the international students, be it from India or from anywhere else.

The student Visa is issued or approved by the University/College of the United Kingdom to all those students who meet out the admission eligibility criteria and has been shortlisted for the admission sake.

Indian students can avail their students Visa from the United Kingdom’s embassy in India and then fly to Great Britain.

Get Admission Abroad: Why Choose us for Studying in the United Kingdom

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  • We arrange everything in the United Kingdom for the convenience of students so that they can complete their education without any trouble.
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Frequently Asked Questions- Study in United Kingdom

Why to Choose Study in the United Kingdom for Indian Students?

The United Kingdom is the famous hub of providing the world-class standard of education to the students along with the other facilities for the convenience of the students in its super rich culture and study environments.

How Do I Begin the Process of Studying in England?

You can check out the full admission process of England for the Indian students in the above section of the article.

Is it Possible to Transfer from one United Kingdom College to the other without Starting the Program Over?

No, it’s nearly impossible to shit from one college/Universities of the United Kingdom during the course of studies.

What are the Basic Steps to Study in the United Kingdom?

We urge you to go back to the admission process section of the article to check out all the basic steps of admission in the United Kingdom.

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So this was all about studying in the UK. We hope we have answered all your queries. If you have any other queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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