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University College London which is most commonly known by its abbreviated form “UCL” is the public research University of London (United Kingdom). The University has been granted the name of UCL since the year of 2005 and since then it has retained its name as the same.

It is considered and regarded as the third largest University of United Kingdom after the Oxford and Cambridge University in the terms of graduate enrolment and in the terms of postgraduate enrolment the University is the largest of whole the United Kingdom, which was established long back in the era of 1826.

UCL is the charter holding the University of UK which is the first-ever public domain established in the London and it is also called the most secular University of United Kingdom, which grants admission to the students irrespective of their religion.

In the year of 2014-15, the University had the record of having the largest numbers of the academic staff and the professors more than any other University of United Kingdom.

There are the wide numbers of the courses in the University which can be availed by the students in both graduate and the postgraduate domains such as the research, medicine, engineering and the other regular bachelors and the postgraduate programs etc.

We are in this article basically going to provide our Indian aspirants with the full information about the academics and the professional programs of the University of University College London, so that they can accordingly make their admission application to the University and seek the admission into the desired program of University.

Indian Students in University College London

Just like the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the University of London is also in the priority list of the Indian students, who want to go overseas for their higher education.

Being the third largest University of United Kingdom the UCL has the immense prestigious among the consideration of the Indian students and back in the academic year of 2017-18 the University had received the enrolment over 41500 students and there were the significant fraction of the Indian students among these numbers.

Study MBA in Canada: The University is comprised of the faculties such as arts and humanities, Engineering, Life Science, Laws, Mathematics, Medical Science, Health Sciences, Management and the other regular graduate and the postgraduate programs. Indian students study their academics and the other professional programs in the same stream from the University and get the global recognition of their program.

There are over 220,000 students in the University of London and what makes this scene great is the fact that the alumni come from the 190 different countries of the world, which provide the global ambience of education to the campus of the Institution and there prevails the greater sense of harmony among the students.

You can surely go-ahead to seek your admission into the University of London and you would find the significant numbers of the fellow Indians who are already studying there in the University.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in University College London

We understand that the majority of the Indian aspirants are wondering about the admission eligibility criteria of the UCL, by satisfying which they can avail their admission into the University.

Here we are mentioning the full admission eligibility criteria of the University for the sake of those Indian students.

  • There must be the bachelor degree of the candidate with the minimum CGPA of 7.75/10,6.25/8.0,5.75/7.0,4.25/6.0,3.3/4.0 and since the CGPA is not applicable for the Indians, therefore, they must have a minimum of 60% in the Bachelor program which may vary depending upon the institution of education.
  • The minimum individual score of 90,85,85,85,85 is required in the 10+2 exam in order to get admission into the undergraduate program of the University
  • GCSE/IGSE English language qualification with the minimum passing grade of B.
  • IELTS with the overall grade of 7.5 and a minimum of 6.5 in each element.
  • TOEFL overall score of 109 along with the minimum of 24/30 in reading and 20/30 in the writing aptitudes of the candidate. Further there may be the course wise special additional eligibility criteria of UCL which you can check at the official website of the University.

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Admission After 10th in University College London

Well, my friend the UCL being the higher education University doesn’t offer any program after the high school, since the University offers only the graduate and the postgraduate programs to the students.

The minimum level of education which you need to have in order to get into the University is 12th intermediate level, on the basis of which you can seek your admission into the undergraduate programs of the University.

So, if you are an Indian student and is currently going through your high school education then we urge you to first complete your high school program from the CBSE or the ISC board with the 90% or more passing percentage in the individual subjects and have a vision to score the same percentage in the intermediate program as well.

You are advised to keep your percentage exceptionally well at least in the five subjects of your high school education which can get you through in the process of admission.

Admission After 12th Intermediate in University College London

Well, Yes you can apply for your admission into the University College London after the 12th Intermediate academic education from a recognised board of education in India.

There is the straight admission process into the UCL after 12th standard as the candidate just has to meet out the eligibility criteria for the admission as has been specified by the University which you can check out in the above section of the article.

Students are advised to keep in their consideration that the 12th Intermediate is the core foundation of the student which is highly considered and regarded by the University in the course of admission, therefore, students must be having the solid performance in the intermediate academics.

You must have the good English speaking and the writing skills so that you can have a decent score in the IELTS alike English proficiency language which is the key exam in the admission process of the University.

Admission After Graduation in University College London

If you are someone who has graduated from the UCL and are looking forward to go ahead with the postgraduate programs of the University then you can opt from the several available programs among the postgraduate programs of the University.

The best thing here is that the University grants some relaxation in the eligibility criteria to those students, who have qualified the graduate from the university itself as being the affiliated student you will get the first preference in the selection process of postgraduate programs.

Moreover, you can check out the admission eligibility criteria of the postgraduate program of UCL if you are someone who is applying for the fresh master’s admission application to the University.

University College London Fee Structure

The fee structure of the University College London is probably the most significant aspect, which is going to be taken into the consideration by the Indian students who are going to make their admission application to the University.

We understand that the budget plays an important role in the course of availing the education from abroad,therefore we are here providing the students with the various programs of the UCL for their easy reference and the consideration.

Name of Program Fee Structure of Program
Msc in Computer Science 25,30,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Msc in Business Analytics 26,10,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Msc in Mechanical Engineering 25,30,00 Tuition Fee Per Year
MBBS 27,50,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Bsc in Psychology 24,30,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Msc in Information Security 25,30,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Civil Engineering 23,80,000Tuition Fee Per Year
Bsc in Biological Science 22,10,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Msc in Financial Mathematics 26,90,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
MBA 21,80,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Banking and Digital Finance Course 24,50,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
MA in Business Economics 22,40,000 Tuition Fee Per Year
Machine Learning Program 25,30,000 Tuition Fee Per Year

Courses for Indian Students in University College London

Study MBA in Canada: Well, we can feel your excitement level about getting into the University College London, but before that we urge you to have the basic information about the courses available in the University.

Here we are listing down some of the major streams of courses in the University for your consideration so that you can easily opt one of them for your own concern.

Stream of Courses Name of Courses
Bachelor Courses BSc in Computer Science, MBBS, Bsc in Psychology, Civil Engineering, BSc in Earth Science
Master’s Courses MSc in Management, MSc in Business Analytics, MSc in Computer Science, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Machine Learning, MSc in Finance, MSc in Economics, MBA in Business Administration
Engineering Courses Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Process Engineering, System Engineering, Biochemical Engineering
Computer Courses MSc in Machine Learning, MSc in Computer Science, BSc in Information Security, MSc in Computer Graphics
Science Courses BSc in Biological Science, BSc in Psychology, BSc in Earth Science
Business Courses MSc in Management, MSc in Business Analytics, MSc in Finance, MSc in Economics, MBA, MA in Business Economics
Law Courses LLB and other Master’s Programs

Step by Step Admission Process in University College London

If you are feeling clueless about going for your admission into the UCL then here in this section we are going to provide you the step by step admission process of the University.

Study MBA in Canada: The admission process will assist you in making your admission application to the University in the same manner without being lost in the course of admission.

  • The admission process of University College London goes through the portal of Universities and College Admission Services (UCAS).
  • You need to have the buzzword from your career counsellors in order to fill the admission application form for the admission into the UCL.
  • Once you submit the form then you will be sent back the verification mail from the university along with the Supplementary Application Questionnaire(SAQ).
  • You need to answer all the questions in this questionnaire so that the University can have some basic information about you.
  • Next in addition to the SAQ you will be required to fill the typical admission form with your academics information and submit it to the University through the same portal of UCAS.
  • Now you just need to be patient to have the response from the University regarding your admission application form.
  • If your admission application is approved by the University then you can go ahead to fulfil the other admission formalities and submit your admission fee.
  • You can then apply for the Student Visa on the basis of your admission application approval from the University.
  • At last, just fly to the United Kingdom with your Student Visa in order to start your regular academics classes of the concerned program.

Kindly note that the admission deadline of the UCL is mid-October, therefore, you must make your admission application between the window of September to mid-October, in order to start your academics education from the University College London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can check out the compilation of some FAQs which are commonly asked by the plenty of the students who are willing to get into the University College London.

We believe that it would sort your common query so that you can go ahead with the clear mind for the admission purpose.

What GPA Do you Need to Get Into UCL?

Well, for the Undergraduate program you need to have the minimum CGPA of 7.75/10, 6.25/8.0, 5.75/7.0, 4.25/6.0, 3.3/4.0 and if GPA is not applicable then there must be 60% marks of the candidate in the academics education, however the passing marks percentage varies from the one board of education to the other.

What is the Average Fee Structure of MBA in University College London?

The average cost of MBA in UCL is approx 22 Lacs per annum in the Indian currency.

What is the Application Date for Admission into UCL?

The application window in the UCL begins from the September and generally ends by the mid-October.

Is IELTS Score Required for Admission in University College London?

Yes. IELTS is mandatory to get into the UCL as the language proficiency exam of the University.

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