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New Zealand is the sovereign nation which is located in the Pacific ocean and it is also known as the country of islands since it is comprised of several of the islands. The people of New Zealand are also known by the name of Kiwi which is a bird only found in New Zealand.

In terms of land area, New Zealand has the same dimension as the United Kingdom but the population of the country is less than the United Kingdom. New Zealand is a developed Nation and it has high ratings in terms of health, education, medical, protection etc.

Indian students can definitely study in New Zealand as it is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world. The country has the superior standard of education and the zero crime rate along with many such specialities for the Indian students.

We urge you to go through the entire article at once in order to get all the required information regarding studying from New Zealand at one single place, such as the courses there for Indians, fee structure, admission process etc.

Indian Students in New Zealand Universities/Colleges

Well, in the olden time there used to be hardly any Indian students, who opted for the countries such as New Zealand for the higher education due to the unconventional place of studies for the Indians.

In the present time, New Zealand is no more an unconventional place of study for the Indians, as now more numbers of the students are coming forward to move to New Zealand for their education. You can in general notice that there are wide numbers of the students studying from New Zealand and some of them have even got the citizenship of the country.

Going to New Zealand for the studies purpose is convenient for the Indian students, as the country have the simple process of admission and the fee structure of the colleges/Universities in New Zealand is quite affordable to the Indian students.

Main Course Chosen by Indian Students in New Zealand

New Zealand in itself is a good choice for higher education. The Colleges/Universities offer the Indian students with high standard education that goes at par with other first world countries.

Based on the recent trends, Indian students are mostly opting for the below mentioned courses in New Zealand.

  • Regular Graduation Programs such as B.COM
  • Business Management Programs
  • Hospitality Management Courses
  • Computer Science&Information Technology
  • Accounting Programs
  • Mechanical Engineering Program
  • Other Agricultural Courses
  • Study of Medicine

Average Fee Structure of New Zealand Universities/Colleges

Well, before you seek admission in New Zealand for any of your desired program, .3.we would urge you to make yourself aware with the fee structure of the colleges/Universities.

Here in this section, we are mentioning the average fee structure for the graduate programs in the colleges/Universities of New Zealand so that you can have a basic idea to go ahead.

Name of University/Colleges Average Fee Structure of University/Colleges
University of Waikato $24425- $35700 Per Year
Auckland University $25000-$72896 Per Year
University of Otago $8163-$15697 Per Year
University of Canterbury $27125-$44000
Victoria University of Wellington $26124-$33360

Kindly note that the above-mentioned fee structure is an average estimated fee structure of several graduate program in the colleges/universities of New Zealand.

The actual fee of the specific graduate program may vary which you need to check with the specific college/University of the country

Important Examinations for Studying in New Zealand

In order to make sure your admission in New Zealand you must prepare yourself to appear in the few examinations on the way, which will decide your capabilities of studying in New Zealand.

We are going to mention some major exams for the Indian students in the course of admission in New Zealand.

  • IELTS- It is the international exam for the Indians which check their proficiency level in the language of English.
  • TOEFL- It is the other English language proficiency exam which is conducted on the National level of New Zealand
  • GRE- It stands for the Graduate Record Examination and is mandatory for the Indians to seek the admission into the graduate programs of New Zealand
  • SAT- Yes SAT is also necessary for international students to study in New Zealand
  • GMAT- This exam is necessary for admission into all the graduate management courses of New Zealand

How to Get Admission in New Zealand Colleges: Step by Step Guide

If you want to study any of the New Zealand College’s courses, then you first need to follow the admission process of getting your admission in such college.

You can check out the complete process of admission in New Zealand step by step in this section of the article.

  • First of all, make your search for the appropriate college/Universities in New Zealand then finalise any of them for your admission.
  • Visit the official website of the University/College to check out the admission eligibility criteria for yourself consideration.
  • Now simply take up the exams such as IELTS/TOEFL, SAT, GMAT etc any of these exams as may be required by the chosen University/College
  • After the qualification of the required exam, the candidates can make their admission application to the college/Universities
  • Once the candidates receive the admission application acceptance letter then they can fly to New Zealand on their students Visa to start their studies there.

Indian Students Visa Requirements in New Zealand

Well, if we talk about availing the student Visa to study in New Zealand then the Visa is directly approved by the concerned University/Institution to the students.

Once the student is provided with the admission acceptance letter then the Visa is also approved and the Indian students can get their Visa from the New Zealand embassy in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Studying in New Zealand

Here is the list of some FAQ’S regarding availing the education from New Zealand to the Indian students, which would answer your other common questions.

Why Indian Students Should Choose to Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful country which has a very calm environment and the highly cordial people. The country offers a world-class standard to the students at the affordable price range, which is very compatible with the Indian students.

How Do I Begin the Process of Studying in New Zealand?

You can check out the above fields in the article to look out for the complete admission process in New Zealand for the Indian students.

Is it Possible to Transfer from one New Zealand College to the Other Without Starting the Program Over?

Similar to the Indian colleges and universities, you can also opt to transfer if the colleges/universities allow. Make sure to check on them before you opt for the admission.

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So this was all about studying in New Zealand. We hope we have answered all your queries. If you have any other queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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