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Just completed B.Com Degree and searching for options after graduation in Commerce stream in foreign universities. If you are a student who completed 15 years of education including 12 years of higher secondary and 3 years of B.com Graduation but not aware about opportunities in abroad for you then In this blog, you will get information about options for you.

Masters courses after B.Com, universities, admission requirements, future scope, career options, salary are top topics will be covered in this blog.

Masters in Management

Masters in management offer specializations in consulting, marketing, or finance related skills. It will provide you an excellent knowledge base for start of jobs in Business management. No matter in which stream or course you have graduated, you can pursue a master’s in management program. To get enrolled in this course you don’t need to pass any entrance exam just like MBA admission in top universities needs GMAT or GRE as mandatory level.

Also, the fee is almost 50% less than an MBA course from any top institute. So if you want to get a good career in management and good salary as well then you can go for it.

Top field to job after completing Masters in Management degree

  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Government

Top Jobs and Salaries after Completing Masters in Management

  • Project manager- USD 60,000
  • Management Consultant- USD 85,000
  • Social Media Manager- USD 50,000
  • Business Development Manager- USD 71,000
  • Entrepreneur- This depend up on your work and efforts

Masters in Finance (MiF)

If you are interest in Mock Stock Exchange then you can pursue Masters in Finance. So to get admission in this course you must have to complete undergraduate course in Commerce, Finance or any Quantitative streams. Except for this, top universities in the world ask you at least two year work experience in that particular field.

Top field to job after completing MiF degree

  • Consulting
  • Sales and Trading
  • Financial Technology
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Investment Banking

Top Jobs and Salaries after Completing MiF

  • Actuary- USD 56,000
  • Financial Advisor- USD 59,000
  • Financial Analyst- USD 60,000
  • Corporate Investment Banker- USD 97,000

Masters in International Business (MIB)

This masters program build up skills of international management, Key Markets, International Marketing, Economics and Strategy & operations. The MIB program taught you to deal with global Economy problems. Top corporate higher MIB degree holders who are specialized in world economy, financial management and other finance related works.

If you have knowledge about accounting, finance and management then you can apply for admission in top universities in the world.

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Top Jobs and Salaries after Completing MiB

  • Supply Chain Manager- USD 82,000
  • Marketing Executive- USD 60,000
  • Financial Controller- USD 83,000
  • International Trader- USD 79,000
  • Sales Manager- USD 69,000
  • Management Analyst or Consultant- USD 66,000

Masters in Business Analytics (MBA)

World is growing with the help of internet and most of the corporate needs data to grow. They need for professionals of Masters in Business Analytics as Data Scientist, Business Modeller, Business Analyst, Risk Analyst, and other jobs.

Apart from above mentioned jobs there are more famous Courses and salary of that job.

Master’s in Economics

  • Market Research Analysts – USD 64,000
  • Operations Research Analysts – USD 85,000
  • Actuaries – USD 109,000
  • Budget Analysts – USD 77,000
  • Financial Analysts – USD 82,000

Master’s in Marketing

  • Marketing Manager – USD 135,000
  • Advertising and Promotions Manager – USD USD 107,000
  • Sales Manager – USD 125,000
  • Public Relations Manager – USD 115,000

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is famous course after graduation to make career in Management. Many universities in the world offers MBA courses and students who completed the course are placed in top MNCs.


  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Management
  • Analytics / Big Data

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