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California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is better known for its natural science and engineering course. It is a private university in Pasadena, California, which was founded in 1891. This article contains the ranking of the university, fee structure, courses, procedures of admission, etc. Caltech is ranked as the top ten universities in the world. So, this article will majorly focus on the steps and procedures followed in this college that would be beneficial for the students.

California Institute of Technology Ranking

The ranking of Caltech in the edition of 2020 for national universities as the best college is decided to be 12. In this, 8th rank will be given for its innovative culture, and 11th rank is for its value. From 2011 to 2016, it was ranked as 1st international university according to the ranking of Times Higher Education World University. Its classification was divided into two categories at the time i.e., Physical science and Engineering & Technology. So, in the upcoming year, it would be regarded as 12th rank among all the national universities in the world.

Fee structure in California Institute of Technology

The fee structure of Caltech contains its tuition and fee for education. According to its annual report, the full-time under graduating students are paying to the college a tuition and fees combination with $49,908 in the year 2018-2019. In which, the tuition amount was $48,111, and the fee amount was $1,797. There is a chance for students to lower their yearly fees by obtaining scholarships and financial aid. This amount does not include the room and board provided as a resource to them.

Admission process in California Institute of Technology

Many students are there who want to take admission to Caltech, but there its admission process is based on the criteria. If this criterion is not followed, then there marks in other examinations must be good. To take admission to Caltech, the grade must be outstanding, along with various tests. So, it will require a top-notch to get admission to Caltech. In 2016-2017, the acceptance rate of Caltech was 8.1% only.

Courses in California Institute of Technology

Caltech provides many courses with specific requirements, in which the courses include chemistry and chemical engineering, humanities and social science, biology, and biological course, etc. These courses are listed in the catalog of the Caltech course. From these courses, the specialized or exciting subject can be taken by the student.

Eligibility Criteria in California Institute of Technology

The admission process of Caltech contains eligibility criteria that have to be followed and fulfilled to get admission. The average GPA (Grade Point Average) must be 4.23 for the admission. It means that the student must have topped in the previous education in school. Further, for example, if any student has below marks than 4.23, then to get admission, the score of children in the SAT and ACT must be good. Below the requirements of SAT and ACT are discussed in the article:

SAT score should be 1560 out of 1600 to get enrolled in Caltech; this score is divided into some subjects. It contains math, reading, writing in which the average marks of math are 790, ordinary trademarks of passage are 39, and average scores of writing are 38. If the student doesn’t want to give the ACT, then marks in SAT must be very good or equal to the average. Else the application of a student for enrollment will be rejected. So, to get enrolled in Caltech, the academic record of the student must be good.

Campus Environment

The primary campus of Caltech is 124 acres that are located in Pasadena, California. It is way 11 miles (18 km) far from Los Angeles. The environment of Caltech is studious to produce effective educational solutions. This environment comes under the traditional disciplinary boundaries in which the students get a comprehensive understanding of their doubts. When the campus was constructing, Arnold Beckman and his wife said about it that it is the shaping of Caltech’s destiny.

First, the planning of building campus was of 22 acres than with the addition of courses, it got expanded, and its design is taken from the traditional Spanish Mission Architecture. In 1971, the campus of Caltech got some damage due to the magnitude-6.6 earthquake, and the buildings of Throop hall and Culbertson Auditorium got cracked. The engineers evaluated these buildings, and then they found the information. So, after that, further advancements had taken place, and a project for the campus of Caltech got completed.

Entrance Gateways

The entrance gateways are used to prevent or control the entry and exit, which is being enclosed by walls. On the left of the entrance of Caltech, there is the Physics laboratory, and in the right, there is a hall of Mathematics and physics. The entrance gateway of Caltech is quite big, which gives a full overview of the building of this university. So, Caltech had a significant and substantial infrastructure along with secured entrance gateways.

Perks of California Institute of Technology

There are some of the benefits to enroll in Study in California Institute of Technology listed below:

It designed all the programs in such a frame where the quality is not overall compromised, and the services are provided affordably to all the students. In the cost taken for admission and education, they provide various facilities in which students can easily explore themselves. Also, there are many functions and competitions held by the college in which students can participate. A strong base has been provided to the students in the form of programs arranged in Caltech. So, Caltech provides its human resources and services that can be used to produce some productive innovative, which will be beneficial for both the college and the students.

Cons of California Institute of Technology

Apart from the advantages, it also possesses some obstacles which are being overcome:

They have a deficient number of subscriptions to access the journal paper for research. It means that not everyone can access the research journal at a time if they want to research something. Caltech is overcoming this limitation by creating a subscription for each student so that everyone student of Caltech can access the information and do some research. It’s one of the major cons that in this university, an individual can have various burnouts, so the university is overcoming this limitation to provide a better education service to all the students.

Hostel life

Caltech provides the housing option for students who want to reside in that college. So, the on-campus housing service is offered to the students in which there is an option of single, double, and triple rooms. There are a total of eight houses in which these services are provided for the students of Caltech. The maintenance for the housing department is located in the center of student service at building number 86. The timings to meet for the maintenance department is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Also, there is a leave from the maintenance department on holiday.

If any student wants to provide any service request for their housing, then they can access the account of Caltech and then click on “AiM Customer Portal,” followed by “Housing”. In housing, there is pilot lighting, so if any light found to be off, then the student can have a word with the maintenance department. So, this is how the housing of students is appropriately inspected.

Experience of alumni

Caltech arranges a program named #CaltechAlumni in which all the alumni are invited, and then they share their experience at the university. The alumni share their experiences, which motivate all the students of Caltech. They talk about their good or bad experiences at university, about their study, about being judged by others, about the role of education, about the current position wherever they are working. So, these are some of the experiences they share with the students and in the alumni association program. They talk about their friends in their education days, they also thank their teachers for making them a better student and also to invite them to the association. So, this is how they motivate by sharing their experiences with the students and explore their skills in the association arranged for the alumni.

So, this blog is about the experiences, infrastructure, and education at the Study in California Institute of Technology. In this blog, the admission process, fee structure, eligibility criteria, environment, hostel life, alumni experience is being discussed, which provide a piece of brief information about the Caltech to get enrolled. This helps to compare this university with others based on the ranking and quality of universities. So, the culture and environment at Caltech are quite happening for the students to take proper guidance about their future.

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