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Study in Brown University is perceived to be the seventh-oldest higher education research institution in the United States. It is a private university of the Ivy League, founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1764. It is also one of the nine British colleges that had been chartered before the American Revolution. In fact, it was the first U.S. University to allow enrollment without assigning priority to any connection to religion.

The institution is consisting of the Graduate School, the Faculty, the School of Public Health, the Alpert Medical School, the School of Professional Studies and the School of Engineering. About 6,400 undergraduate students are registered at Brown University in the U.S. It has 79 big concentrations. Brown University’s main campus is situated in the College Hill Historic District in Providence, Rhode Island. On the western edge of the city, Profit Street is one of the finest examples of preserved U.S. design in the 17th and 18th centuries. Located over an area of 43 acres, the campus consists of 235 houses.

Study in Brown University: Admission to Brown University undergraduate courses is highly selective and has a 7.2% acceptance rate for 35,438 applicants in the year 2022. 8.9% of 1,834 transition applications were admitted at the 2015-16 academic session. Eleven percent of the 9,215 students were admitted by the Graduate School in 2017. With an acceptance rate of 2.9%, Warren Alpert Medical School was rated 5th among the most prestigious institutions in the country by U.S. news in 2014.

Brown University Ranking

Following are the rankings of Brown University as per QS 2019:

Ranking Metric Rank Achieved
World University Ranking  Ranked #56
Engineering and Technology Ranking Ranked #155
Business & Management Studies Ranked #251-300

Brown University Fee Structure

Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(2 Courses)  12 – 24 Months $ 52,231 – 62,923
B.Sc(1 Course) 4 Years $ 52,231
BE/ Course) 4 Years $ 52,231
MBA(1 Course) 15 Months $ 135,000
Other Courses(1 Course) 1 Year $ 71,390

Brown University Courses

Study in Brown University: Below are few important courses out of many offered by Brown University :

  • American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizations
  • Chemistry
  • Comparative Literature
  • Molecular Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science Initiative
  • Economics
  • Egyptology and Assyriology
  • English
  • Environment and Society
  • Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence and Computation
  • French Studies
  • History
  • Judaic Studies
  • Center for Language Studies
  • Literary Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Medieval Studies
  • Middle East Studies
  • Modern Culture and Media
  • Music
  • Neuroscience
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Population Studies and Training Center
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • South Asian Studies
  • Swearer Center for Public Service
  • Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
  • Urban Studies
  • Visual Art

Brown University Required Documents

  • The transcripts. You will submit an official copy of your high school diploma to your school counselor or school official.
  • Report to the school. The School Report Form is accessible on the Common Application page and must be completed and forwarded by the school counselor or school official.
  • Report of the Midyear School. Your mid-year school report, including the final grades for the fall courses and the summary of your spring classes, can be submitted online through the Common Application. The report is due on 21 February.
  • Recommendation of the counselor. Please note that the School Report and the Counselor Recommendation are separate items for the Common Application. Make sure to “invite” the school counselor to complete both of these things.
  • Two Teacher Evaluations / Recommendations. Two letters of reference from professors who have trained you in major academic subjects (science, social studies, engineering, a foreign language or English) must be sent through the Common Application or sent via mail, e-mail or fax. Documents sent by mail, email or fax should include the applicant’s name, date of birth and high school. When you send letters via telephone, please send them as a PDF attachment.
  • Recommendations on science or mathematics. If you are seeking a specialization in the area of STEM or the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) system, at least one of the suggestions will come from a math or science specialist. In addition, it is highly recommended that applicants for the PLME program submit the results of at least one SAT Subject Test.

Grades of the first quarter / trimester. Applicants for early decision are expected to have their psychologist send first quarter or quarter ratings as soon as they are available.

Brown University Admission Eligibility Criteria

Courses Exams Exams Exams
MS (2 Courses)  GRE: Accepted IELTS: 7 & Above TOEFL: 90 & Above
B.Sc (1 Course) SAT: Accepted IELTS: Accepted TOEFL: Accepted
BE/B.Tech (1 Course) SAT: Accepted IELTS: Accepted TOEFL: Accepted
MBA (1 Course) IELTS: Accepted TOEFL: Accepted
Other Courses (1 Course) IELTS: Accepted TOEFL: 90 & Above GRE: Accepted

The environment of the college:

The Campus Life Department serves all visitors (undergraduate, college and medical school) and, in some instances, faculty and staff. The role of more than 400 employees in 17 departments and centers reflects on various strategic priorities: creating an inclusive community, shared environment, health and wellness, and operational excellence. Staff offer learning guidance and mentoring as we walk alongside students, letting them realize their tools and interests, encouraging them to make more informed choices, promoting opportunities to find a sense of belonging and build relationships through gaps, and cultivating communication and life skills in a manner that allows them to excel socially and professionally at Brown’s and Brown’s.

What is the entrance gateway?

  • ACT or SAT. Applicants can fulfill our test specifications either with (1) the revised SAT (the text portion of the SAT is optional) or with (2) the ACT (the writing section of the ACT is optional).
  • SAT Subject Testing: we suggest, but do not mandate, the application of two SAT Subject Tests of your choosing. Good Topic Test scores can be a good item to be included in the Brown submission. The loss of scores will not be harmful to a student, especially in cases where financial hardship prohibits students from registering for the exams, or for those who may have reached Brown too late in their college search to register for the Subject Exams. If you are contributing to the Liberal Medical Education Programme, we strongly recommend a Topic Exam in genetics, chemistry or physics.
  • When you attend secondary school in the United States, Brown must assess the application with either official test scores submitted directly to Brown or self-reported test scores on the Common Application or via the Brown Candidate Portal.
  • When you attend secondary school outside the United States, we require you both to self-report your test scores on your submission and to have official test scores submitted directly to Brown.
  • Admitted candidates who choose to participate in Brown will be required to submit official test scores by 1 June.

If you take care of all of these things, you’re all set to get your admission in the Brown University.

Brown University Advantages:

Here are the advantages of studying at the Brown University.

  • Brown University’s excellent graduates perform state-of-the-artwork and blend academic skills with a wide range of backgrounds. Our students have an excellent record of creativity and have strong ties to each other.
  • Students work with a world-class staff through coursework, research projects, and theses, and contribute to education as teaching assistants.
  • Brown University provides excellent resources: a nice office space, high-quality computer equipment, a range of specialist facilities and an elegant building near to restaurants and shops.
  • Brown University conveniently located in Providence, less than an hour from Boston and three hours from New York City. We’ve been gathering rave reviews of cycling, cultural activities, and quality of life in our neighborhood. If you’re going to explore, make sure to check out this helpful guide: College Hill, Thayer Avenue, Wayland Park, and downtown areas are all nearby.
  • Brown University has a long tradition of a strong industrial relationship. Leading companies actively recruit our students, many of whom are participants of our Business Partners Program.
  • Brown University’s interdisciplinary opportunities improve educational experience and open students to new and exciting tasks.
  • Brown University welcomes students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds with open arms. Brown CS field teams in a variety of intramural sports and often organizes picnics, races, bike rides, and other events.

These had been the advantages of the Brown University.

Brown University Hostel life

On-campus Accommodation:

  • University provides campus housing to all students with a broad variety of services and a thriving, diverse community
  • It has various residences such as 111 Brown Street, Morris Halls, Champlin Hall and many more
  • Healthy, convenient and well-maintained living space in an academically enriching atmosphere
  • The dinner system provides students with a variety of options and hours.

Off-campus Accommodation:

  • Most of the housing services are either adjacent to Johnson & Wales University or Brown University
  • The units are equipped with different bedrooms and private or shared bathrooms
  • The average price for a non-utility room is $700/Br per month and a utility room is $850/Br per month
  • Services include central A / C, washing in building, cooking gas, granite countertops and 24 * 7 protection.

Experience of the Past Alumni

Students at Study in Brown University have learned how to be effective. It was a demanding world, and they found, within themselves, an ability that they had not previously considered, growing to meet their needs. It brought them faith in what they saw as a somewhat untraditional career path to follow and excel. Partnerships with practitioners and trainees from all over the world have become enduring friendships and creative professional partnerships.

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