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Carnegie Mellon University is a private and international research university located in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Andrew Carnegie established the college as a Carnegie Technical School in 1900 and in 1912 became the Carnegie Institute of Technology, which granted four-year degrees. It was joined in 1967 by the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research to establish the Carnegie Mellon University. It has now become an international university with degrees in various locations, including Silicon Valley and Qatar.

Carnegie Mellon University has more than 13,961 university students from 109 countries, faculty and staff of over 5,000 and 100,000 alumni worldwide. Approximately 62 per cent of graduate students in engineering, technology, science and mathematics from the university. The Qatar campus offers a full graduate degree in business administration, computer science, information systems, biology and computational biology. The Silicon Valley location is also considered best for master programs like Software Management and Software Engineering.

Ranking of Carnegie Mellon University

Following are the Carnegie Mellon University ratings as per QS 2021:

World University Ranking Ranked #46
Engineering and Technology Ranking Ranked #19
Global MBA Ranking Ranked #34
Business & Management Studies Ranked #51-100

Fee Structure of Carnegie Mellon University

Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
MBA (2 Courses) 12 – 21 Months $ 47,470 – 64,000
MS (8 Courses) 12 – 24 Months $ 44,050 – 56,000
MIS (1 Course) 1.3 Years $ 48,200
BE/BTech (6 Courses) 4 – 5 Years $ 54,244
BBA (1 Course) 4 Years $ 54,244
BSc (1 Course) 4 Years $ 54,244
Other Courses (6 Courses) 1.5 – 4 Years $ 47,300 – 54,244  

Courses in Carnegie Mellon University

Below are the mentioned courses offered by Carnegie Mellon University :

  • CIT Interdisciplinary Courses
  • College of Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Courses
  •  Biological Sciences Courses
  •  Biomedical Engineering Courses
  •  Chemical Engineering Courses
  •  Chemistry Courses
  •  Civil and Environmental Engineering Courses
  •  Electrical and Computer Engineering Courses
  •  Engineering and Public Policy Courses
  •  English Courses
  •  History Courses
  •  Materials Science and Engineering Courses
  •  Mathematical Sciences Courses
  •  Mechanical Engineering Courses
  •  Modern Languages Courses
  •  Philosophy Courses
  •  Physics Courses
  •  Psychology Courses
  •  Social and Decision Sciences Courses
  •  Statistics and Data Science Courses
  • Dietrich College Interdisciplinary Courses
  • Institute for Politics and Strategy Courses
  • MCS Interdisciplinary Courses
  • Other Departments and Institutes Courses
  • School of Architecture Courses
  • School of Art Courses
  • School of Computer Science Courses
  • School of Design Courses
  • School of Drama Courses
  • School of Music Courses
  • The Major in Information Systems Courses
  • Undergraduate Business Administration Program Courses
  • Undergraduate Economics Program Courses
  • Undergraduate Economics Program Courses

Required Documents for Carnegie Mellon University

  • Common Application
  • $75 application fee
  • High school transcript.
  • All required standardized testing score reports, which includes the IELTS or TOEFL if English is not your native language
  • Secondary School Counselor Evaluation
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Common Application essay
  • Carnegie Mellon Common Application Writing Supplement, which includes 3 short answers to questions
  • All applicants for fine arts at the Schools of Drama and Music are required to arrange the required pre-screening, audition or portfolio review.
  • All submissions of fine art to the Schools of Architecture, Art and Design are required to submit the appropriate portfolio and artistic materials.
  • Home schooled applicants should submit an academic portfolio / transcript in accordance with their State Guidelines and a list of all textbooks used.
  • Applicants must provide proof that they meet all the requirements for an official high school diploma by the end of May of the year of graduation and submit an official final transcript, GED or certificate of completion from your local school district or state school board by the end of July of the year of registration.

Admission Eligibility Criteria in Carnegie Mellon University

What are the SAT standards for applicants to be accepted to the University of Carnegie Mellon?

Carnegie Mellon University typically requires students to be among the top 1% of SAT test takers. The school consistently takes SAT composite scores down to 1480 on a scale of 1600, below which entry should be deemed an accomplishment. We estimate that some students could be accepted with SAT as low as 1430. The estimated average SAT score for a student enrolled is 1530 out of 1600. The school ranks #1 in Pennsylvania with the highest average SAT composite score. A good SAT score is important, since 70% of students send SAT scores to the class.

What are the ACT standards for prospective students to join Carnegie Mellon?

Admission data indicates that Carnegie Mellon routinely welcomes candidates of ACTs 32 or above. Successful applicants usually send ACT scores to the top 3% nationally. In some cases, we measure school approval for total ACT composite scores to be around 30. Prospective students who send a combined ACT of 34 or more should be in the upper half of the applicants-and those with 35 or more should have very good opportunities. The school ranks #1 in Pennsylvania with the highest average ACT composite score. 51% of applicants submit ACT scores to Carnegie Mellon University.

The environment of the Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University students are progress creators, doers, designers, business builders, disruptors, developers, thinkers and politicians. Students frequently think about themselves as human beings, build relationships with each other, witness the ups and downs of life, carve out pathways for themselves on campus and around the planet, and partake in a unique and personal environment at Carnegie Mellon University. Family and family members are an important part of our students ‘ Carnegie Mellon life. Whether you live across the city or across the globe, there are many ways to stay connected with your student and our community.

What is the entrance gateway to Carnegie Mellon University?

Courses Exams
MBA (2 Courses) GMAT: Accepted GRE: Accepted IELTS: Accepted
MS (8 Courses) GRE: Accepted IELTS: 6.5-7.5 TOEFL: 84-102
MIS (1 Course) GRE: Accepted IELTS: 6.5 & Above TOEFL: Accepted
BE/BTech (6 Courses) SAT: Accepted IELTS: 7.5 & Above TOEFL: 102 & Above
BBA (1 Course) SAT: Accepted IELTS: 7.5 & Above TOEFL: 102 & Above
BSc (1 Course) SAT: Accepted IELTS: 7.5 & Above TOEFL: 102 & Above
Other Courses (6 Courses) IELTS: 7-7.5 TOEFL: 84-102 SAT: Accepted

Advantages of Carnegie Mellon University

Educational Flexibility: Carnegie Mellon University has a wide range of academic programs. It is also very straightforward to get interested in interdisciplinary studies. One great thing is that if you’re going to have a change of interest and want to change majors, there’s a plethora of good options at CMU. Relatively Secure Surroundings: the environment surrounding Carnegie Mellon University is secure for the vast majority of the time. I had a lot of nights when I went home at all hours in the night (12am-5am). This may also be attributed to the fact that there are thousands of college students in the city. Free transport: Your Carnegie Mellon University ID allows you to use the Pittsburgh buses free of charge. I’d claim that the most popular places CMU students use the buses are UPitt, Squirrel Hill, Central, and Waterfront.

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Hostel life in Carnegie Mellon University

At Carnegie Mellon University, living on campus provides:

  • A 24/7 support community
  • A location where safety and security are top priorities
  • a living environment that fosters personal development, positive involvement and long-term relationships.
  • Convenience for all academic buildings, student centers and 34 dining venues
  • Fully furnished rooms and spaces
  • All-inclusive housing, living, utilities, Internet and cable.
  • Link for on-campus housing

Off campus Accommodation

  • The average rent is 650 to 850 $ / month
  • The residence type includes a wide range of floor plans, ranging from studios to one, two and three bedroom apartments
  • Each floor plan includes in-room laundry and stylish finishes such as granite counter tops and lush carpeted bedrooms.
  • Student residences are fully furnished with all basic amenities such as utilities, heating, gas and unlimited internet connectivity all independent of rentals.
  • Private and Shared bedroom options are also available.

Experience of the Past Alumni

Students at Carnegie Mellon University have learned how to be effective. It was a demanding world, and they found, within themselves, an ability that they had not previously considered, growing to meet their needs. It brought them faith in what they saw as a somewhat nontraditional career path to follow and excel. Partnerships with practitioners and trainees from all over the world have become enduring friendships and creative professional partnerships.

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