Southwestern University

Southwestern University is a private institution of liberal arts in George Town Texas. It is one of the oldest university and its inception is dating back to 1873. The university was founded by merging colleges that were started back in 1840. There are a total of 26 departments of academic in the university that offers 26 minor courses and 40 major ones. The highlight of the university is the Fountain wood observatory that has a reflecting telescope with high level CCD digital camera which is used by the physics students for their research and coursework. The size of the campus is 700 acres which is set in suburban.

Southwestern University Ranking

The ranking of Southwestern University for Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts is 92 in the 2020 edition of best colleges. In last three years the ranking has improved after it was ranked low in the year 2018 at the position of 274 as it was at 233 position in the year 2017. After 2018 its ranking has been improved and in the year 2019 it was at 263 and for 2020 it is at 218 as per US ranking. It is a co-ed type of university with semester wise setting. It is ranking for best value schools is 59 and top performers on social mobility it is ranked ta 63.

Fee Structure in Southwestern University

The fee structure for the year 2020-21 for Southwestern university includes everything a student would need that is from tuition fee to transportation is provided. The fee structure is divided into three categories such as for students who are living on campus, students living off campus and the students living with their parents, the Tuition fee is same for all that is US $45, 120. For students living on campus the cost of room is US $6,110, board cost is US $5,650. The books and supply cost is US $1300 for all students and the Transportation and other cost for the students on campus is US $1,400. However, there is a slight change for students living off campus their board fee is US $3,850, room cost is US $8,500 and Transportation and other cost are US $2,050. Also, for the students living with their parents the cost of room is nil due to obvious reasons as they do not have to pay for it. Their board fee is US $3,080 and their Transportation and other cost is US $2,160. The costs include tuition for the semester of fall and spring, access to training and mentoring for placement from career services, athletic events admission and use of the facilities, lectures, events and concert tickets, Wi-Fi, TV and other services, and other security services, etc.

Admission process in Southwestern University

There are four ways to get admission to the Southwestern university that is by Southwestern university Application that is hosted by the university itself for the enrolment of new students, Southwestern university also accepts applications from Common application which is accepted by 600 other institutions as well. For first year and transfer students Southwestern University accepts applications from ApplyTexas Application and only for first year students Southwestern university accepts application from Coalition application.

Courses in Southwestern University

There are a variety of courses available at Southwestern University including business and economics, physical sciences, computer science, arts and humanity, education, law, social sciences, life sciences, Clinical, pre-clinical & health and psychology. These are the major courses available and there are minor courses also available among these majors.

Admission Requirement in Southwestern University

The acceptance of Southwestern University is 43.1% with admission standards being very high and the applicant competition being average. It is not easy to get into Southwestern University due to its low acceptance rate and hence they have various requirement for admission such as test scores of students is required, high school GPA is required, high school class rank is required, Completion of College Preparatory Program is required and Demonstration of Competencies is highly recommended. The high school grade requirement is also high to get into Southwestern University as the students need to have average GPA of 3.6 and a grade of B+.

The university accepts ACT scores and if the student has ACT score of 29 or above then they have more than 56% chance to get accepted in the university. The university also accepts SAT score and students with 1380 or above SAT score then their chance of admission is over 56%. It is found students getting admitted to the university had their SAT score in between 1280 to 1600.

Campus Life in Southwestern University

The enrolment of undergraduate students in the university is 1430 out of which female students are 55% and the male students are 45%. Most of the students live in places which are either owned by college or operated or affiliated by college. The college have athletic association of NCAA III. There are various services provided to the students on campus such as health and security services. There are various student recreational programs that are being held at the university campus which makes the students have a good time. They are various sporting events being held at the university in which all the students can take part.

Entrance Gateways in Southwestern University

There are various portals which the students can use in order to get admission to the Southwestern University which include Southwestern University Application, Common application, Coalition application and ApplyTexas application. There is a very high academic requirement to get admission in the university as their acceptance rate is low and thus they consider high school ranks also. The university accepts scores of ACT and SAT exams and the students are required to score more than 29 in ACT and over 1380 in SAT in order to have a chance of acceptance at the university. Along with these the students are required to have an average GPA of 3.6 and a grade of B+.

Advantages in Southwestern University

It is very tough to get admission to the university but once the student is admitted in it there are various benefits available to them. The university offers a wide range of course to the students to choose from. The students are provided with health and security services on campus in case of any emergency, these services are also available, and the crime rate is also very minimal. The impressive student to faculty ratio at the university which is 12:1.  There are various scholarships and grants are also available for the students, these can be availed as need based financial aid which is on average US $31,848.

Hostel life

There are various options provided by the university for the students to reside, they have facility on campus, off- campus and own operated facilities for the students. Students at on campus have many facilities available to them and the cost is included in the fee, they have the lecture and seminar tickets available, and also they can use the reflection telescope for the research and study purposes. There is not much difference for the students who are living on campus or off campus in terms of cost. Thus, most of the students spend their college life using on campus facilities. Apart from these there are various hotels and motels also available for the students at an affordable price and with good service quality. These places are also not much far from the university so the students can use them. The facilities provided to the students on campus includes health and security related, like there is 24/7 on-guarding so that no mischievous activities can be done and also 24/7 medical services are also available to deal with any emergency medical case.

Alumni Experience

There are various notable alumni of the Southwestern University who have studied in the universities. The network of Southwestern University alumni is very string due to the various events being conducted every year. There is a program that is being hoisted by the university that invites its alumni which is run by Southwestern University Alumni Association, the program is called Alumni Network Mentoring Program. The aim of the alumni program is to connect the alumni members for their professional areas. The alumni program allows the alumni’s to be connected to three to four students of the university and guide them throughout their journey. Students very much knowledge of after college and are already aware of what mistakes they do not have to do. Thus, this program is extremely beneficial for the students and the alumni as well because the alumni will be able to evaluate various things by themselves and will share their knowledge and wisdom.

The articles provided information regarding various aspects of Southwestern University situated in Georgetown, Texas. The article contains information related to the process of admission to the university, course being offered by the university and their ranking as well. It provides information regarding what the students are required to do in order to get into the university. Thus, with the help of above provided information the students will be able to compare the university with other institutions in order to get admission at a place which will help them build their future.

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