Important Questions that students ask while planning for Abroad Studies

Abroad study is a dream for any student. It provides you an experience to visit in a new country, new people, tradition and the most important better education system. Apart from this excitement, many questions strike in the mind of any student applying for abroad studies to be sure that he/she made the right choice for abroad studies.

We have accumulated some questions that came from excited students and some from the concerned ones. We have covered some important questions and gave answers to these questions. It helps you when you reach a university situated in a new country.

Do I need to share my room with other students?

It is completely your choice. Whether you want to share your rooms with other students or not. Different countries have different campus cultures. Universities in Australia, the USA, and the UK recommend living in a hostel at least for the first year.  Also, in some countries, there are a fixed number of people to live in a flat or apartment. You cannot live “N” of people like India.

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Do I have permission to cook my food?

Yes, you have permission to cook your own food. Also, there are many halls for students where they offer food. It helps you to save from hassle to cook food and learn how to cook food. However, the menu offered by these halls re same almost. It changes season to season or monthly but not more than 1 to 2 dishes. Also, fewer changes in that you get Vegan food.

How much will be total expenses apart from a tuition fee of College?

The living cost and other expenses such as food expenses, insurance expenses, visa extension fees and etc will vary between countries to country. USA is a much expensive country to live in because of the US dollar value. Check the currency value of the county in the comparison of Indian Rupees.

Is the country is safe for international Students?

Countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia and etc are counted as developed countries. These countries have a low crime rate. Before choosing the country for higher studies make sure your option is secure for international students. For reference or review, study the statement of ex-students. a quick overview you will get.

Which country is best for abroad study?

Germany is the most famous and demanding country for abroad studies. This country has many universities that offer good quality education in a low fee structure or some universities offer it for free also. Apart from this, they offer scholarships to international students. Finland, Norway, Russia, and other European countries have low fee structured universities. Also, the USA, Russia, Canada, the UK are famous countries for abroad studies.

What are the qualifications for abroad studies?

Most of the countries demand that you have passed the IELTS and TOEFL exam. These are traditional exams to test English language speaking, listening, writing, and understanding skills. Apart from this exam GRE, GMAT exams are important to get admission in various courses.

The interview process, good presentable resume, and other important aspects will be tested for admission in a respective admission. It may depend on colleges.

Will the study program worth in long term?

Make sure the course and college you choose to study related to your interest. If you know the course and subject well then you will feel relax at work you have opt.

These questions are important and most of the students ask these questions. So if you have these questions then after reading this, you may have cleared all confusion.

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