University of California Berkeley Admission Requirements for International students

Requirements for International Students

University of Berkeley Admission Requirements

 Planning to study in University of California Berkeley then you must think about the admission requirements for international students in University of California Berkeley. So in this blog, you will get entire information about basic admission requirements and other important details about this university.

First, understand that if you have a student VISA then you are not in the category of a resident of California for Study purposes. There are some basic admission requirements of the university, which is mandatory to fulfill.

Self Reported Academic Record

It is important that you complete each academic document which are required to be submitted for admission process. After completing schooling, it is mandatory that you collect original and valid documents. Also, if you are studying in University and just completed the course then you have to take permission letter from there also.

 Those students who have qualified the IGCSE or O-level Exams are not eligible to apply for admission in University of California Berkeley. Apart from these two exams, you have to complete a minimum of three years of academics examsStudents have to meet every requirement of admission.

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Language Proficiency test

 USA is an English speaking country so it is mandatory that you must have to flawless English speaking, writing and understanding skills. TOEFL and IELTS are two traditional exams for English proficiency test.

Financial Requirements

 Financial condition is good of the student who is going to study in USA, it is mandatory to prove that you have a sufficient amount to meet all expenses during study in USA. At the time of VISA approval, you must have to show your financial documents. If in case you are unable to prove that your financial condition is good then your study VISA will not be approved.

Make sure that you have sufficient money to pay

  1. Travel expense to the University
  2. Pay fee for entire courses
  3. Living expenses in USA
  4. Return fare for home

 It may happen that government restrict the money sent to you, in that case you have to submit the verification letter from University of California Berkeley. 

Student VISA of USA

 Students who have plans to study in University of Berkeley need a student VISA. For student VISA you have to fill ther Non Immigrant Information Form.

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