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Study in Norway | Universities, Courses, Fees Structure

 Norway which is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway is the country in Northwest Europe and is located in the North of Europe it is called the Nordic country as well. It is a developed country and has the second-highest per capita income in Europe. 

Norway is generally known by its beauty and the modern infrastructure but the educational sector of the country is the other point of discussion. We rarely notice the recommendation of Norway in terms of availing the higher education but the country surely doesn’t fall back in that context. 

If you are an Indian student and want to study in the European continent then you can definitely consider studying from Norway. The country is one of the least populated countries of Europe and as an Indian student, you can surely complete your professional or academic education from this country. 

So, if you want more information about availing the higher education from Norway then we urge you to go through this of our entire article where you would be provided with all the relevant information such as the courses for Indians, fee structure, the process of admission etc. 

Indian Students in Norway Universities/Colleges

Norway is the lesser-known country when it comes to attaining the higher education for the Indian students since there are limited numbers of the students who study in Norway but now the trend is changing. 

In the present scenario, there are coming up many such students from India, who want to move to Norway for their professional or the academic programs. 

In Norway the international students are provided with the tuition fee free education, which is the other point of consideration for the Indian students,however, the cost of living and the other expenses are quite high in the country.

Main Courses Chosen by Indian Students in Norway

If we look up to the fact that what are the courses which are most suitable for the Indians to study in Norway colleges/Universities then, fortunately, we have some best courses to follow up. 

The Indian students generally opt Norway for their courses in :

  • Business Management
  • Natural Science
  • Technology
  • Computer science
  • Medicine etc.

These are the top sought programs from Norway by the Indian students and therefore you can also choose one among them for yourself.

Average Fee Structure/Cost of Universities in Norway

The fee structure is the important criterion of admission into the Norway colleges courses and therefore all the Indian students must make themselves aware of the fee structure of Norway Universities/Colleges. 

Well, it may be a surprise to many of the students but Norway Universities don’t charge any kind of tuition fee from the students, therefore, there is no fee to mention, however, the students still have to bear the other charges such as cost of living, food etc.

Important Examinations for Study in Norway 

Whether you want your admission in top colleges of Norway or just in the regular ones, you are still going to take up some examination in order to become eligible for the admission process. 

Here below you can check out the list of those exams for your reference

  • IELTS- It is the international exam of checking the English language proficiency of the candidates since English is the medium of study for the colleges/Universities of Norway.
  • TOEFL- Yes you have to clear either of these to prove your language proficiency either IELTS or TOEFL.
  • C1 Advanced- It is yet another exam of assessing the language proficiency of the candidate which is somewhat of the advanced nature.
  • Pearson PTE- it is the one other English proficiency test which is the local language proficiency test of Norway. 

How to Get Admission in Norway Colleges/Step by Step Application Guide

We are attaching the step by step admission guide of Norway Universities/College for the Indian students which they must follow to secure their admission in the country. 

Here you can read the admission process guide below. 

  • First of all, you should keep the specific degree in your head which you want to undertake from Norway’s Universities/College.
  • Next, you have to choose the concerned University/College which can offer you such a program.
  • Check out the admission eligibility criteria of the college/university for the concerned program.
  • Make sure that you are qualified the language proficiency test of Norway such as IELTS/TOEFL/C1 Advanced etc.
  • Now after checking out the admission eligibility criteria you can make your admission application to the University/College with full formalities.
  • Now you just need to sit back and relax till you get the admission acceptance letter from the concerned college/University.
  • In case if you are shortlisted for the admission purpose then just complete the other admission formalities and pay your admission fee. 
  • You can now attend your regular classes at the college in Norway after providing all the documents.

Education System in Norway

There are many students who might be suspicious about the education system of Norway, but to their surprise, the country provides one of the best standard of education in entire Europe. 

The education system of Norway is comprised of primary school, lower secondary and upper secondary system among which the complete education has been assimilated. 

Norway has the legal practice that every child of the country from the age of 6 to 16 must study and keep the same purpose in mind the public schools of the country offer free of cost education to boost the literacy rate in the country. 

Indian Students Visa Requirements in Norway

Visa is necessary for Norway for all the international students who have come to Norway for the purpose of availing the education. 

The same condition is applicable to the Indian students as well and the students will be issued their student Visa from the Norway embassy to all those students who have been shortlisted for the admission purpose. 

Get Admission Abroad: Why We Are the Best Norway Admission Consultants?

We are basically the Norway admission consultant and offer our guidance to all those Indian students, who are unable to figure out the process of admission and then get going with it. 

We understand such chaos and the state of confusion and therefore we offer the following services to the students.

  • Consultancy services to choose the best University/College of Norway for the Indian students.
  • We are aware of the region of Norway in a good manner and thus we can arrange almost everything for the students such as a hostel, mess services etc.
  • We also provide the scholarship assistance services to the students so that they can avail the scholarship facilities from the Norway Universities/Colleges.
  • If any student is struggling to secure the admission into any college/University of Norway then we can provide the reference of such student and grant the assured admission.

Frequently Asked Questions- Study in Norway

1. Why Choose Study in Norway for Indian Students?

Norway offers almost free of cost education to all the international students, including Indians along with one of the best standard of education of Europe, which is the significant point of consideration

2. How Do I Begin the Process of Studying in Norway?

Well, we have already attached the whole admission process of Norway for the Indian students in the above sections of the article for the reference of the students.

3. Is it Possible to Transfer from one Norway College to another without Starting the Program Over?

Well, we advise all the students to check the same with the specific college/University of Norway as it depends upon the concerned Institution.

4. What are the Top Universities/Colleges in Norway?

Read More about Top Universities

Carnegie Mellon University
Cornell University
New York University
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Michigan
Columbia University
University of Toronto
Johns Hopkins University

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