Study in Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Fees, Courses, Ranking, Admissions, Scholarships

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admission Eligibility Criteria

Study in Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which was established on 10 April 1861. The number of undergraduates is 4,602, and postgraduates are 6,972 till 2019. It was founded when industrialization in the United States was growing; it plays a significant role in developing the aspects of mathematics, technology, engineering, and modern science. MIT is majorly known for its learning and strength in academics and innovations. So, this article over MIT contains some of the procedures of MIT for students.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ranking

  • It is going to grab position no. #3 in the world’s topmost universities in 2020.
  • Also, for several years, it ranked first for the academic ranking of universities over the globe.
  • The list of national research council 1995 also contains that MIT was active in the field of natural science, business, architecture, economics, mathematics, etc.
  • According to the SCImago Institutions rankings, it was the top 3 in 2019 also among all universities.
  • In 2017, it was ranked #2 for its arts and humanities subjects and #6 for 82 journal papers published.

So, MIT always ranked under 10 for all the world’s best universities in almost every field. It is also going to be ranked #3 in the upcoming year.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fee Structure

The fee structure contains all the amount (tuition + fees + annual expenses) given by the student to MIT every year. The total undergraduate price at MIT is around $40,732 per student, and with the yearly expenses summation, it can go up to $52, 507; according to 2012. In 2019-2020, the fee structure has gained a growth for the full academic year. The student has to pay $73,160 as a total price in which the tuition fee is $53,450, $10,430 is for housing facilities (which can vary), $5,960 for their food facilities, $2,160 for their expenses, for book supplies the amount is $820, and to cover student life fee, there is an amount charged is $340. So, this is the total amount that a student has to pay for a full academic year.

Now, the net cost for receiving aid by MIT students in 2019-2020 is $22,500. 18% of MIT students receive Federal Pell Grants, around 58% of students receive their scholarships during under graduation, according to the Vice-Chancellor Office at MIT. The average amount provided to the MIT student is $51,500 per student. So, this the total fee structure of MIT for their students, along with the formation of scholarships.  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admission Process

Study in Massachusetts Institute of Technology follows a decentralized method for admitting students for under graduation in their university; that means that the students can directly apply to the degree or program they want to pursue. In 2017, MIT received around 20,247 applications for the admission in which the number of admitted students at MIT was 1452 that is 7.1 percent. In which the enrolled students are 1,102. So, there is an eligibility criterion to get admission in MIT that should be followed to get admitted to this university.

Further, the admission process of this university is:

  • First, the student has to create a My MIT account and then start their application, as this is a decentralized process.
  • The student should have to complete Part-1 and Part-2.
  • Should have to submit their test scores and secondary school marks report.
  • They should have to ask two teachers for their evaluation of the application.
  • Set up for an interview and compete that one process
  • Supplementary materials must have to be submitted
  • Updated notes also provided on this portal and then right to go. The application is being fulfilled.

So, this is the process of applying by the student for MIT. Then the admission process started in which the student should have to completed or fulfill the eligibility criteria, As without which it cannot be possible to get admission for further study at MIT.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Courses

This section covers the information about courses offered at MIT, in which the students can choose their field of interest. There are various courses and departments for their classes at MIT listed below:

  • Course – 16 (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
  • Session – 4 (Architecture)
  • Course – 7 (Biology)
  • Course – 10 (Chemical Engineering)
  • Class – 5 (Chemistry)
  • Course – (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Course -14 (Economics)
  • Course – 21 (Humanities)
  • Course – 15 (Management)
  • Session – 8 (Physics) and many more

This is a list of courses offered. However, there are many more courses also offered by MIT so that students can make their choices.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admission Eligibility Criteria

The admission rate of MIT is around 6.7%, which makes it the most selective university in the United States. This rate is because of its eligibility criteria that most of the students cannot fulfill. So, it is a two-step process in which, first, the student needs to meet the minimum educational requirement. After that, the extracurricular profile other than academics comes into play for admitting them.

The applicants must have to submit their two SATs in which one subject as math is mandatory, and others can be of physics, biology, and chemistry. SAT is the Scholastics Assessment test, and ACT is American College Testing. So, an applicant must have to clear both of them. So, this is the eligibility criteria to get admitted to MIT. 


The environment of MIT provides solutions for the engineering, scientific, designing capacity, etc. for the overcome of environmental challenges. They are useful at arranging diverse activities along with academics so that the environment can be made safe. The situation at MIT is quite good, as there are no illegal activities like ragging is prohibited. Also, they always focus on having the right sustainable environment so that people living can be enhanced.

Entrances gateway:

The entrance gateway of MIT is like that anyone can stroll the campus by having a tour of it. Through individual departments, students arranged a visit to its school so that the MIT campus can be visited in the fresh air. Its main entrance is at 77, Massachusetts Avenue. There is an information center on the right inside its building in room 7-121. The office hours to talk is open from Monday to Friday from 9-5. These are excluded from the institute and national holidays. So, it is located across Charles River, coming from Boston, in the district of Kendall square.


There are some of the benefits of why a student should have to pick it up for education:

  • It is a reflexive property.
  • The faculty members are quite supportive here; they listen to academic problems as well as the personal problems of students (if persists).
  • There are opportunities to publish a research journal.
  • The hacking course is there which can take the student to produce their best at ethical hacking
  • The classes are so protective and feel like a nerd.
  • Pirate’s license can be taken from MIT.

So, these are some of the advantages of why a student should have to pick it up for study purposes. 


There are some of the limitations of this college which is being overcome by various process:

  • Has a minority of technical employees to teach; they are overcoming by hiring more technical teachers
  • Wrong leadership activities by seniors; overcoming by assessing their whole academic performances.

These are some of the disadvantages that MIT is focusing on improving, so it is quite useful to take admission n the upcoming year.

Hostel life:

The hostel facility at MIT has been called dorms, so more than 70% undergraduates live on the campus. There are housing facilities available for MIT students in which they can live, recreate, eat, socialize, etc. Every undergraduate is allocated with their residential offers at MIT in which HRS works collaboratively with the students. The cost of rooms at MIT is $14,720, which includes the facilities of housing in $9,420, meal at $5,300, and other expenses to living as $1,818.

Alumni experience:

The alumni are the ones who graduated from MIT, and there are many alumni for MIT from MIT’s school of engineering, MIT Sloan School of Management, Arts and Social science, etc. There are more than 120,000 alumni for MIT. They share their experience at this university on their annual meet. In this alumni association meeting, they motivate the students who are currently studying here and also share their time experiences at college. This makes a connection between the current students and alumni. They also thank their teachers for making them this much capable so that they can explore the world. So, this alumni meeting is arranged by the college in which experiences are shared, and knowledge is exchanged. This is how it contains a lot of emotional moments for the alumni and also for their teachers.

So, this blog is containing much information about MIT. In which, Study in Massachusetts Institute of Technology rankings, eligibility criteria, the process of admissions, courses offers, etc. are discussed. This provides a proper overview of how college is providing education to the students. Also, this article contains information about the scholarships offered to students who are liable to take it. So, whole and sole information about MIT’s admission is being provided by the blog.

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