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Ireland is a beautiful country and when it comes to education you can expect great things. As an Indian student if you are planning to study abroad then Ireland can be a good option for you. Studying from a different country can be a little overwhelming but if you plan right and get the appropriate support then you can easily get the education you dream of.

Ireland is located in the northwestern area of Europe and its history is long and complicated. For Irish citizens the customs myths and language still very important in modern-day. The local or official language Irish Gaelic but English is used for communication in daily life. 

Education System in Ireland

Education in Ireland is popular amongst international students because of its traditional yet modern setting and their love for nature literature and ancient history. 

If you have landed on this page looking for opportunities to study in Ireland then you must have the web looking for articles that will describe the education system in Ireland briefly. Well, your search here because in this article you will get to know everything that you must know about education and culture in Ireland. 

Why Ireland For Study Abroad?

The country is famous for its excellent reputation for education and welcoming culture. This is a part of Europe and the medium of instruction is English making it easy for international students to fit in. 

When you choose Ireland for your study abroad destination, you experience not only the excellent education but also the nature and tradition of the country. The best part of studying in this country is is that education is highly valued and they focus on funding and development of educational institutions.

Here are a few of the benefits of studying in Ireland

  • You get to study in a friendly and safe country
  • The medium of study is in the English language
  • international students get internationally recognized qualifications and extensive choice in programs
  • The learning environment is highly supportive and student receive direct Access to various facilities
  • after graduation students get a chance to stay back and work in the country.

Indian Students In Ireland Universities / Colleges

According to a survey, the number of international students that come to Ireland to study in various courses has increased by 45% between the past few years. Safe and welcoming attracts a lot of international students from around the world. While it is expected that this year the number will increase at a faster rate, there are currently 2000 plus Indian students residing in Ireland for their higher studies.

There are many reasons why most international students including Indians take up the opportunity to go study in Ireland. First, it is the safe and welcoming environment of the, then there is a stay back policy in the country which encourages students to take up jobs in the country itself after graduation. 

Study in Ireland:

1) Main Courses Chosen By Indian Students

Ireland offers numerous opportunities for undergraduates and graduates with international backgrounds. If you want to study in Ireland you can apply in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. the higher education universities and colleges offer various degrees at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Here is a list of various courses that you can opt from.

  • Applied sciences and professions
  • Art design and architecture
  • Business and management
  • Computer science and it
  • Education and training
  • Engineering and technology
  • Environmental studies and earth sciences
  • Hospitality and leisure and sports
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Journalism and media
  • Medicine and health
  • Natural sciences and mathematics
  • Social sciences

2) Average Fee Structure/ Cost of Universities/ Colleges

As rules and regulations of education and admission in various institutions and University are differ depending on the course you choose and the duration of the course, the tuition fees also vary. note that tuition fees do not remain static so it is important to always check the university’s website to cross-check. 

Here is a list of average fees in various courses of undergraduate programs

  • Business studies € 9000 to € 19000
  • Engineering € 9000 to € 25000
  • Science and technology from € 9000 to € 25000
  • Art and Humanities € 9000 to € 20000
  • Medicine and health sciences € 46000 To € 55000

Here is the list of average fee structure in various courses of graduate programs

  • Business studies € 10000 to € 35000
  • Engineering € 10000 to € 25000
  • Science and technology € 10000 to € 27000
  • Arts and Humanities € 10000 to € 20000
  • Medicine health sciences € 18000 to € 32000

As you would be joining as an international student for applying for study abroad courses the fee structure may vary depending on the institution you are applying to and the course you are taking admission in.

If you think that you are unable to afford the admission and tuition fees in various institutions and universities of Ireland then you can also apply for scholarships. Many scholarships are available for international students from various sources including the government of Ireland and the Irish higher education institutions.

3) Important Examinations

There are some important examinations that international students must clear before they good get admission to Irish universities. first of all, they must be proficient in the English language as the medium of study in any university is English and for that student must be well versed in the language. 

To prepare for such a case, students can take IELTS or TOEFL which are the most commonly accepted English language tests for international students.

English proficiency tests, the universities have their own set of requirements which is preferred by them for allowing admission to international students. so in order to be eligible for admission in a specific institution, you must have your qualifications approved.

Commonly in colleges demand the following for any foundation course

  • Official academic course for the last 4 years of your high school
  • Some universities may ask for your personal interview before enrolment.
  • For undergraduate programs, only English proficiency is required and you must have a higher GPA in your school.
  • For postgraduate courses apart from the English language proficiency, you need to have a relevant bachelor’s degree which includes the relevant subjects for the course you want to take admission in
  • If you want to take admission to business schools then GRE is not important but GMAT might be required in some.

Some of the students might not be eligible for a degree in Ireland because of the highest degree which might not match the academic system of this country. For them, there are preparation courses the students need to enrol in to be allowed to take any undergraduate or graduate program. These one-year preparation courses are offered by local universities. 

4) After 12th

As an Indian student if you are going to Ireland after completion of your 12th class then you can take admission in any of the undergraduate courses that we have mentioned above. These undergraduate courses do not have any extra requirements apart from your IELTS scores. So if you wish to take admission in any undergraduate course then you must get a higher GPA in your 12th examination and a good score in your English proficiency test.

5) After Graduation

For students who have done their graduation from India there are options for postgraduate programs like MBA, MS, M.Tech, and other programs in which they can get admission in. The rules are simple, you just need to be eligible for the respective program for the specific University you want to take admission in an must have a good score in your English proficiency test. If you are not eligible for the program yet but want to take admission to any post-graduate program in Ireland then you must start preparing and learning for the next session. 

How to Get Admission In Ireland Colleges: Step By Step Application Process

For Indian students, the step by step application process to get admission in any international University in Ireland is very simple. You just need to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, you must select the Universities that you want to get admission in. This is the first most step because the tuition fee and living expenses will be based on the university that you select. 
  • Then, select the program that you wish to study and collect all the information about that specific course including the eligibility criteria the marks that you must have scored and the tuition fee structure of that program in the university that you want to take admission in.
  •  After selecting the program, contact the universities for the information regarding admission process and requirement for your program of choice. Also, ask for or any preparation that you might need to do before you can get admission in the institution.
  • Take the language test and try to score well in it.
  • The next step would be to register at the Central application office.
  • once you have applied for the university with your application and scorecards they will revert with your acceptance or rejection letter
  • If you are accepted in the university you can apply for a study visa.

There are some documents that need to be submitted along with their application. Documents that need to be submitted are

  • your academic transcripts that is your mark sheet of 10th and 12th and bachelor’s degree if applicable
  • Your TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • Your work experience certificates (if applicable) along with your letter of recommendation from the employer or manager at your job stating your professional abilities.
  • Your statement of purpose
  • Academic resume and portfolio
  • Certificate of achievement and extracurricular activities
  • Proof of your funds and financial abilities
  • Health insurance
  • Copy of your passport

Indian Students Visa Requirements in Ireland

Visa requirements to study in Ireland

For non-residents of the country, a study visa is required to be able to study in the universities of Ireland. Before you can apply for the study visa you need to have proof of a few things 

  • You need the acceptance letter from the Universities that you got admission in
  • You must have the proof of your financial abilities and you must at least have seven thousand in your bank account at the time of applying for the visa. If you are going to study on scholarship then you must have the proof of that.
  • You also need to be able to prove that you are completely eligible to live on your own in a foreign country both financially and physically.

The process

To apply for the study visa you will need to

  • Submit your tuition fee instalment to your University
  • All the documents along with their copies
  • You must have submitted your online application for a visa
  • The application fee must be paid

Documents that you should provide while applying for study visa include

  • Your recent passport size photograph
  • Letter of acceptance from the university
  • Scores of your English proficiency test
  • Bank statement as proof of your funds
  • Proof of your payment of tuition fees
  • Your medical insurance papers

Get Admission Abroad Consultant: Why to Choose Us For Study In Ireland Guidance

When you want to take admission in a foreign country like Ireland you need to trust a company that is reliable and has the right expertise. And that is what we are all about. 

Our team includes highly professional experts that have experience of many years organizing and maintaining the admission of various Indian students in top universities all over the world.

if you choose US you can be confident that we will do everything in our ability to make your dream come true.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Why Study in Ireland for Indian Students?

There are various reasons of getting admission in universities of Ireland. The country is famous for its excellent education system, tradition and culture, and opportunities for students after graduation. The medium of study in all of the Universities and Ireland is English so becomes easy for international students to fit in.

2. How do I begin the process of studying in Ireland?

process of studying in Ireland begins with selecting the Universities that you are interested in. After that you must select the program and course most appropriate according to your history of education. 

3. Is it Possible to Transfer from one Island college to another without starting the program over?

Transferring from one course to another can be problematic and it depends on a lot of factors. This traded on an individual basis so it would be better to contact the admission department in your university for the best solution.

4. What are the basic steps to do study in Ireland?

The basic steps include

  • Selecting the university
  • Choosing a program
  • Contacting the university for admission process
  • Giving your English proficiency test
  • Sending the application to the desired University
  • Waiting for the acceptance letter
  • After getting the acceptance letter applying for study visa
  • After getting a study visa preparing and leaving for education in Ireland

3. What are the top universities or colleges in Ireland?

The top 4 universities in Ireland are –

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • University College Dublin, and
  • The National University of Ireland.

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