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Germany which is also known as the Federal Republic of Germany is a country located in the central and western region of Europe. It is a well-developed country of the world and forms a significant part of Europe continent as well by its huge economy and GDP. 

Being the developed country Germany is highly regarded for its educational infrastructure and it has the world-class educational institutions or the Universities, which offer all types of professional and the academic programs to the aspirants around the world. 

The country is known for its sheer focus on the educational sector and the country holds the vision of providing free of cost educational program to the aspirants. This is the reason that why studying from Germany is the dream for all the aspirants who want to study the highly recognized professional and the academic programs in the world. 

Here in this article, we are going to provide a full guide to all those Indian students who want to study in Germany. The article would convey all the necessary information regarding the education from Germany such as the top courses of the country, fee structure, scope and the important examinations of the country etc.

We urge all our readers to go through the entire article in order to avail all the necessary information which will surely help you in the course of having any educational program from Germany.

Indian Students in Germany Universities/ Colleges

Well, there are certainly plenty of students from India, who are already studying the various kinds of educational programs in Germany and many more others, who want to study from Germany. 

The reasons behind choosing Germany by the India aspirants are many, such as any professional program degree from Germany is recognized all around the world by all the major educational bodies.

The majority of the Universities in Germany are directly approved from the government of the country and are globally recognized for their respective programs. Moreover, the majority of the Universities in Germany have their priority to offer the free of cost program with the modern resources and with access to all basic facilities for the students. 

You can also go ahead with your desired professional or the academic program to pursue it from Germany for the world-class standard of education and at the reasonable fee structure.

Main Course Chosen by Indian Students in Germany

Well, there are plenty of the domains in which Indian candidates look forward to studying from Germany. 

If you are an Indian aspirant and want to seek admission in Germany then here are some of the best streams of studies for you to choose from

  • Study of Medicine 
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Psychology
  • Life Science
  • Modern Language
  • History
  • Literature etc.

You can go with any of the program from the above-mentioned streams as per your interest. 

Average Fee Structure/ Cost of Universities or Colleges in Germany

Well, it’s purely a subjective matter if you want to study any program from Germany college/Universities, then the fee structure of the course will depend upon the chosen institution and the program. 

Here in this section, we are going to provide you with an estimated fee structure of several programs from Germany. 

Name of University/College Fee Structure of University/College
Heidelberg University 6000 Euros Per Year
Technical University of Munich  2000 Euros Per Year
Code University of Applied Science  9800 Pounds Per Year
Munich Business School 24000 Pounds Per Year
EBC Hochschule  10,000 Pounds Per Year
Bard College berlin  28700 Pounds Per Year

Kindly note that the above-mentioned Universities/Institutions Charge very low or no tuition fee for their programs but the other costs such as cost of living, admission fee etc is very high. 

Important Examinations for Study in Germany 

All those Indian aspirants who want their admission in the top colleges/Universities of Germany must make themselves aware with the several of the entrance and the National exams, which they will have to qualify in order to make their admission sure. 

You can check out the list of all such examinations below.

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

This is the mandatory entrance examination of all the major higher education offering institutions of Germany. The exam basically checks the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and the analytical reasoning of the candidates who want to seek admission in the institutions of the country.

  • Graduate Management Admission Test ( GMAT)

This is the other entrance examination which is conducted by all the management stream courses offering institutions in Germany.

It is a mandatory exam which basically checks out the aptitude of aspirants in the several streams such as verbal reasoning, analytical writing assessment, quantitative aptitude or reasoning etc. 

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 

We all know about the TOEFL which is the global exam of assessing the English language skills of the person in the context of communication. It is the major exam since the majority of the courses in Germany are in the English language, therefore, you must qualify the exam in order to start your education.

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 

This exam is often conducted along with the TOEFL since both the exams have the same purpose just on a different scale. TOEFL is conducted on the national scale while IELTS is an international level exam.

  • Test Deutsch (TEST Daf)

As the name suggest it is basically an exam which asses the German language spoke and verbal skills of the candidates. The exam is mandatory to study some specific program of the country which is meant for only native students.

How to Get Admission in Germany Colleges: Step by Step Application Process

Well, the Germany colleges/Universities have the specific admission process which must be met out by the Indian candidates in order to confirm their admission in the country. 

Here is how you should compile the full admission process for your own consideration.

  • First of all the candidates should be clear with the name of college/Universities where they want their admission and then check out the admission eligibility criteria.
  • Once you satisfy the eligibility criteria then check out the list of important documents for admission which must be with you in the course of admission.
  • In the next step candidates need to make their online application to the specific college/University of Germany.
  • Now just be patient to receive the response of the application from the college/university in the form of admission letter.
  • Once you receive the admission letter then you can get your German students visa from the German embassy located in Indian region.
  • At last, just fly to Germany in order to attend your classes for the concerned program.

Education System in Germany

The education system of Germany is literally very vast which goes through several stages such as childhood education, primary education, secondary education, tertiary education and so on sequences. Grundgesetz is the federal ministry of education in the country which regulates the whole education base of the country with the collaboration of landers and the federation. 

The overall responsibility of education is shared between all above-mentioned bodies of the country, which supervise and divides the whole system of education in the most systematic manner. This is the reason why Germany is considered to be one of the major countries in the context of its educational domain. 

Indian Students Visa Requirements in Germany 

Yes, the Visa will be required by the Germany Universities/college from every such candidate who wants to study in Germany. 

The good news is that the Visa is approved by the German embassy in India for the specific students, who have received their admission acceptance letter, therefore, you don’t have to concern much about the students Visa.

Get Admission Abroad: Why to Choose us for Study in Germany Guidance

Well, when it comes to availing the education from any abroad country such as Germany, then the requirement of the right guidance becomes imperative and this is where we extend our best guide to all the students/aspirants.

 We are having the counselling agency and assist all those Indian students who want to study any program from abroad. 

Here is why you should seek our guidance in the course of your abroad education. 

  • We are well versed and experienced in suggesting the best country to the aspirants for their desired course or program.
  • We arrange all the basic requirements for the students right from the admission application to the departure.
  • We also provide the Visa and the passport services to the candidates.
  • We also have the references services in the favour of students to make sure their admission in the country.
  • We also help the candidates in the scholarship matters etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Studying in Germany

Here are some FAQ’S regarding studying in Germany which you should definitely check out to get the answers of some common queries.

1. Why Choose to Study in Germany for Indian Students?

Well, if you want the globally recognised standard of education at the affordable or no tuition fee package then Germany is the country for you.

2. How Do I Begin the Process of Studying in Germany?

You can check out the full admission process of German Universities/Colleges in the above section of the article.

3. Is it Possible to Transfer from one German College to the other without Starting the Program Over?

The majority of the Universities/College of Germany offer such facilities but then again it depends upon the program taken.

4. What are the Basic Steps to Study in Germany?

We have already attached the step by step admission guide in the above section of the article for the reference of the students.

5. What are the Top Universities/Colleges in Germany?

Read More about Top Universities

Carnegie Mellon University
Cornell University
New York University
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Michigan
Columbia University
University of Toronto
Johns Hopkins University

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