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It is often noted that education in Austria is one of the best in the whole of Europe. Austria is a country in Central Europe and its capital is where which is the largest city and one of the nine federal States. If you are planning to study in Austria then you already know that your official language of the country is German. Also, that Austria is famous for its music and architecture. Mozart and Beethoven defined the culture of classical music. So, not only education, but the culture is also very notable in this country and therefore this is a great option for Indian students to go study abroad in Austria. 

Indian Students In Austria Universities / Colleges

As an Indian student in a foreign country, it might be difficult but once you get to know the place and start interacting with the locals it gets easier. a large number of international students take admission in Austrian colleges every year. And that’s major because of the high-quality living and there are high chances of getting work just after graduating in the country itself. If you towards someone who is looking for higher education in other foreign countries, then Austria might be the right choice for you. 

The Education System in Austria

All the cost of living is under the budget standard of living is very high. Students can get a discount on travel, entrance fees, and other sports activities when they are studying in universities in Austria. To get a clear view of how the education system works in the country. Let’s take a look at some of the courses and their admission process in universities of Austria.

Main Courses Chosen By Indian Students in Austria

There are various courses that are famous for international students in Austria. The major departments that receive the highest amount of admissions every year are Business Management, Mechanical Engineering, International Business and Economics. 

There are various kinds of the curriculum for students who want to focus on professional-oriented education

  • Bachelor’s degree of 3 years
  • Master degrees it is usually 1 or 2 years program
  • Careers training
  • Work-based internships

These all programs and courses are offered in English but some might require proficiency in German. If you have a sliding rate of interest in learning a new language then you can opt for it while you study in Austria.

List of courses that are offered in different universities of Austria

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Technical chemistry
  • Informatics
  • Civil engineering
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Natural sciences
  • Austrian Social sciences
  • .. and more.

Confused on which subject for course will be best for you then don’t worry, just give us a call or Email us for the subject line I want to study in Austria and we will be there with a helping hand.

Average Fee structure/ Cost of Universities/ Colleges In Austria

Talking about the cost of studying in Austria, it doesn’t depend on only one variable. Basically there are some factors on which the tuition fees depends on. Firstly, it would be the type of university you enroll in. the fees will the time on whether you choose a public university or private University. The cost of education at a public University is far less than that of a private University. This is because public universities are funded by the government. 

Tuition fees are required to be paid semester wise. 

Tuition fees are around €800 per year at a public institution and €6000 to €11000 per year at private universities. Apart from that, a student union membership fee is also charged for the semester. 

For international students, there are other expenses like health insurance cost of living food and traveling. so if you are from India and you want to study in any Austrian University then you must plan ahead and understand how much it will cost you. 

To sum up, even though the education fees might seem cheap but after including accommodation travelling and other miscellaneous costs,  it might get out of hand and your budget may suffer. To cut out any extra expenses, students can get a part-time job or try for scholarships. 

Important Examinations For Study In Austria

To be able to apply for admission in any Austrian college students are required to have attested copies of the following:

  • For bachelor and diploma degree is a secondary school leaving certificate
  • Any master degree a bachelor or equivalent degree is required
  • If you want to get a doctoral degree like Ph.D.,  Masters or equivalent degree is mandatory

As for the entrance exams, it depends on which department you to take admission in.

For application in the bachelor’s program, the international students need to have German language skills at level B2 or higher, as the local language in Austria is Germany. Some universities offer courses in English language, and for that you must have English language proficiency. You will be required to give an English proficiency exam like IELTS or TOEFL and submit the certificate while filling your application. 

Admission in the top universities India in some courses entrance exam is held. this exam is hosted by the University itself and it does not require secondary school certification for registration for any undergraduate programs. 

As the rules and regulations of admissions are different in different universities according to the nationality of the student applying, the documents required are also different. 

Study from Austria After 10th

Even though Austria is a small country, it is known worldwide that the education system in Austria is excellent. If you have chosen to get admission in any course after your 10th class as an Indian student then you can expect good quality education from any university there. 

All the international students willing to get admission in any college are required to have the following documents to be eligible for a bachelors program

  • They would need a proof of nationality which could be a photocopy of your passport
  • Your school leaving certificate and certification of qualification of your last degree.
  • Certification of German language proficiency. 

Study from Austria After 12th

After you have completed your secondary school you can apply for any undergraduate program for bachelor programs like computer science engineering or social science. There are some undergraduate programs which are taught in English so for them you must be a professional English speaker. 

Study from Austria After Graduation

If you are a graduate who wants to study postgraduate programs in Austria then and there are many courses like Ph.D., MBA and others in which you can enrol. Most of the universities require professional experience before you can be considered eligible for that course. This is similar to what the Indian education system requires. For example for Indian Universities, you must have the relevant experience in the fields you want to do masters in. If you want to do MS then you must have experience in the medical field and so on. 

Whether you are looking for admission in the undergraduate program or postgraduate programme you must always remember to check the deadlines for applying before planning. You must at least give yourself at least 1 year before the orientation commences in the college for the whole application process including entrance exams, filling applications, going for visa application and so on.

How To Get Admission In Austria Colleges: Step By Step Application Process

There are some steps that you must take care of. First of all, you must always research for the university that you want to take admission in. Get to know the regulations of that University and what are the enrollment guidelines. Some of the universities have entrance exams for some courses especially undergraduate ones. Entrance exams are usually held 6 months prior to when the program starts. Source visit the website of the university headlines and review all the get guidelines that the university stated. If you have any confusion doubt about any guidelines then you can directly contact the university or call us to clear them. 

To make sure that you do not miss any crucial step for the application, here is the detailed process.

  1. step 1 would be to contact your desired universities and ask them for the details guidelines. Also, ask them whether they accept international students or not. You may also get information about whether you are eligible for the course or not. You can also contact us to do this for you.
  2. The second step is to collect all the required and necessary documents so that you will not miss anything. Here is the list
  • School leaving certificate
  • Certification of your degree
  • Photocopy of your valid and updated passport
  • Proof of your language proficiency. if you are going to take the course in English then you should have certification of any language proficiency test likes IELTS. German courses you must have German language proficiency certificate like Deutsch fur Zuwanderer A2/B1
  • Letter of purpose
  • Proof of your Nationality
  1. Next step is to take any entrance exams for proficiency certification test so that the admission process will go smoothly
  2. Before applying check out the university’s unique criteria and procedure. As mentioned about every University e has its own regulations when it comes to admission for foreign students. So make sure that you get everything.
  3. Once you have collected every document, you must start working on your application and submit it to the university. Attach all the documents along with the application to avoid any. Again the certifications for documents must be self-attested and certified.
  4. The last step comes after you get the approval or acceptance letter from the university. This is applying for your student visa. You can easily get the student visa from your dearest visa application office by submitting an application along with proof of your admission.

Once you get the visa you can start packing and preparing for your future. Now you just have to buy the plane tickets and reach Austria as soon as possible. Sure you reach your University and get settled down before the orientation day so that you do not miss it.

Indian Students Visa Requirements in Austria

To study in Austria, a student visa is necessary. To get it you must have the following documents 

  1. Application form for the visa
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Proof of your financial ability and qualification
  4. Your character certificate from the police
  5. A certificate from a doctor stating that you are healthy and the proof of the medical examination
  6. And your student pass

Get Admission Abroad Consultant: Why to Choose Us For Study In Austria Guidance

It is no doubt that if you are eligible and fulfil all the required criteria for any university in any of the countries that you can easily apply and get into the desired University. But there are some cases when it gets overwhelming and students get confused about which university they should go for or which course will be good for them. To reduce the stress and confusion, we as educational consultants are here to help you. You should choose us to study in Austria for any type of guidance or to get information about any course. Yes, there are a lot of other consultancies as well but we might be a better choice. 

FAQs for Study In Austria

1. Why to choose study in Austria for Indian Students?

Austria is a beautiful country and even though it is small as compared to other countries in Europe you can expect a lot. The education system is very brilliant and they do not partialize the local students and foreign students in any terms. The fee structure is almost the same and the medium of study is also the same. 

2. How do I begin the process of studying in Austria?

In the process of you must start at checking the English proficiency exam for the German proficiency exam. The medium of study in some universities is German as the local language is German of course. Some universities to provide in the English language, especially in the undergraduate program. As an Indian student, you must take care that whether you are for English or German you must be proficient in that language as the language difference can make a huge difference in your education.

3. What are the basic steps to study in Austria?

The basic steps that come under admission in Austria are – research for your desired University, look into the guidelines of the admission process in that University, send them a request and ask for the application procedure, collect all the documents that are required, take an entrance exam that might be required for the admission and also take the English or german proficiency tests, once all the documents are ready to fill in the application and send it over to the university and wait. After getting your acceptance letter to apply for a student visa.

4. What are the top universities/ Colleges in Austria?

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