University Admissions: Can Corona virus affect the admission process of top universities in the World?

Corona virus has affected the world very badly. Students who want to study aboard or planning to study in top universities of world are now worrying that Can they sit in the entrance exam or other exams for admission in their favorite colleges or not? Or Due to COVID there application may get affected?

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, their admission application will be affected or not? Are the International Universities situated outside India accepting admission of other country students after COVID-19? Students will get answers to every questions related to abroad admission here. In this blog, you will get entire information about top colleges of world.

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Top Universities of United Kingdom

United Kingdom is badly affected by the COVID-19 Virus and the Oxford University is waiting for the government orders as there is no exam scheduled. The University is accepting the admission Application of international students. 

The University of Cambridge is not accepting the admission application of UK based students or International students currently. The University is working hard to reduce the effect of Corona virus on the admission process.  

Moreover, the situation of all the universities of the United Kingdom are waiting for the government orders and also waiting for IELTS, TOEFL exam centers to be open soon. Meanwhile, some universities are accepting admission applications, like UCL, Imperial College of London, University of Edinburgh, and University of Manchester.

Top Universities of United States of America

The USA has a large number of affected people in the world, it is still under lockdown. MIT is currently not accepting any admissions. However, they are answering the emails and calls regarding the admissions. All the universities of the USA is either not accepting admissions or they are accepting admissions online.

Universities like Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Louisville, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, University of Chicago are currently accepting admission but online. There is no visitor allowed in the campus.

Whereas, top universities of the USA like Duke University, University of California, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, Columbia University are not accepting any admission and classes are going online.

Study in Australia

Australian National University has shifted all official works online. Classes in going online but there is no any admission process running in Australian national University and Macquarie University. We are discussing only these two universities as they are internationally famous. All the official work is banned in Macquarie University till 16 May.

Study in Canada

One of the beautiful countries of the world and a neighbor of USA, Canada is recovering from this virus slowly but the universities are still closed. The University of Toronto has banned all the official activities except the classes. It is going online. York University has allowed only workers in the campus with full protection from COVID-19.

However, both universities are waiting for the orders by the Central government of the country to resume the admission process. It is expected to start after 24 May 2020.

European Universities

Exceptions are everywhere, some European countries are recovering from the virus but still, they have closed the educational institutions. There is no any kind of official activity is going on in the campus. However, some universities are accepting admission online but few colleges are still waiting to reopen.

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