Admission process in New York University : Acceptance rate, admission requirements, deadlines

New York University was founded in 1831 and one of the oldest researched based university of the United States of America. Currently, 58,461 students are enrolled in this university in three different campuses of University situated in New York (Main Campus), Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. A big part of international student come to USA for Study, enroll in New York University.

Admission process in New York University

 In this blog you will get answer of the question “how to get admission in New York University” or admission requirements of New York university because in this blog you will get information related to New York University Admissions, Acceptance Rate, Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process.

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Admission process of New York University

 The New York University has no limit of admission acceptation and the admission officer of the university will check your application and will revert you back within the three weeks. The application process of the New York University is same for International and Domestic students.

  1. All the application will be accepted through the Common Application portal
  2. Students can apply for admission for Early decision or Regular Decision
  3. Attach all the academic documents and other mandatory documents along with it
  4. Now pay the application fee USD 80, this fee is non refundable
  5. Don’t forget to attach your portfolio for admission in particular exam. This is mandatory that you submit the portfolio before one month the exam.
  6. If your document is not in English then you have to attach English translation with it.

New York University Acceptance Rate

The New York University gets many application each year and it is very selective to choose their students.  After analyzing more than 85,000 student’s admission only 13,000 students have got their acceptance for 2024 class.  9% of total accepted students are from African American, 18% of them are Latinx and around 16% of them are from Asia.       

New York University deadlines

 The university accepts admission through Common Application Portal but you have to apply within the deadlines.  For Early Decision- I, deadline is 1 November, For Early Decision-II, and Regular Decision deadline is January 1. 

Admission Requirements of New York University

 To get admission in any course offered by the New York University, an international student faces a tough competition. First you have to complete admission requirements that are mentioned following

  1. Official Document of Academics
  2. TOEFL or IELTS exams to prove your language test
  3. Portfolio of respective field
  4. Teacher Evaluation form
  5. Common Application Mid Year

However, the admission requirement for various courses will be different but the English proficiency test is mandatory to be pass. You can also, go for Duolingo English Test as it is getting popularity now days.

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