How To Get Admission in Top Colleges Abroad

How To Get Admission in Top Universities/ College in Abroad

There was a time when the education resources used to have a very limited purview and we all were forced to have our education from those limited resources, but ever since the globalisation has emerged the resources of the education became abundance. How To Get Admission in Top Universities

In the current scenario, the resources of education have got no boundaries, as you can surpass the boundaries of the world just to get your desired education from any corner of the world. 

There are more than thousands of Universities in the different domains, which welcome their doors for imparting their education to the national and the international candidates all around the world. 

If we talk about the trend of foreign/abroad education among the Indian students, then it is surely getting its peak with the lucrative offers and the decent facilities of availing the world-class education from the well known foreign educational institutions.

There are lakhs of the Indian students, who are migrating to the abroad for the sake of availing the education from their dream Universities or the educational institutions.

The numbers of these students are becoming higher and higher each passing day, which is, in fact, great for the economy of the country as education is what builds any Nation for the future.

So, if you are also willing to undertake any of the educational programs from the abroad then this article is going to be a must-read for yourself. 

In this article, we are going to cover all the related information, which you will need in the course of your abroad education and we will also answer the most frequently asked questions in the same regard to answer some common questions. 

Top Courses for Abroad Education for Indian Students 

Well, it’s certainly not like that there is any course which you can’t avail from India, but just from the others western and the European well-developed countries, since the country also offers almost all kinds of the educational program just like any other developed countries in the world. 

The only difference lies is in the quality of education, the scope of the course, fee structure and the facilities etc and all of us want to avail our desired course from one such University or the Institution, which fulfil all of the above-mentioned attributes. 

This is probably the reason why the Indian candidates opt to choose some exceptional foreign Universities so that they can have the full scope of their degree. The second reason behind this trend is the lower fee structure and the ease of admission which is never easy in India due to extensive competition.

There is some core educational program which Indian aspirants opt to study from the foreign Universities/institutions due to the prestigious name of such Universities and the excellence of education. 

You can check out the list of some top courses for which Indian aspirants choose the abroad instead of India due to many reasons.

Science Domain

Here are the courses from science background which are always in high demand from the Indian students.

  • Engineering in Information Technology 
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering 
  • Bachelors Program in Biotechnology/Microbiology
  • Bachelors Program in Chemistry
  • Medical Domain


  • Dentistry Programs
  • Nursing Programs
  • Veterinary Program 
  • Pharmacy& Pharmacology 
  • Physiology & Anatomy
  • Commerce & Arts Domain
  • Bachelor in Management Studies
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts in history &English honours.
  • Hotel Management
  • Data Research Domain& Others
  • Earth Science& Renewable Energy
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Food Science& Agriculture
  • Mass Media Communication
  • Psychology& Human Resources 

So, these are always the core programs in which students want to get their foreign education and secure themselves a best job/profession as per their excellence of the education, however, some other students are also willing to choose the unconventional courses from the abroad.

Top Destinations for Abroad Education for Indian Students 

There are more than 190 countries in the whole world which are open for you to choose your educational program from, but not all of them are worth the consideration since they all can’t meet up your expectations of availing the world-class standard of education. 

There are some selected countries in the world which have always been the top consideration or the priority for the Indian students, who want to study abroad for their desired course. We are mentioning some of the highly preferred countries of them for your consideration.

1. United States of America (USA)

There is no doubt in the fact that the USA has always been the dreamland for the majority of the Indian students, who want to go abroad for educational purposes. It is one of those countries which have a bit of everything, which is necessary for imparting world-class education to the students. 

The country has a sheer focus upon its educational sector and thus develops the top professionals in the world.

2. United Kingdom (UK)

There are the famous people in India such as Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, Newton etc and when we get to hear their name then the name of the United Kingdom is also recalled. 

It is the destination from where these world-famous personalities had their education, which makes the United Kingdom as the top study place in terms of foreign education.

3. Australia 

Australia is one of those countries which is well known for its varieties in its professional courses and this is the reason that why you can avail more than 22,000 types of the courses just from the 1100 educational institutions of the country.

 In the context of Indian students, Australia is emerging as one of the best foreign educational destinations.

4. France 

France is the other country in our list which is recognised for its low fee educational programs along with the significant diversity.

If you want to avail the business school education then France should be your ultimate destination, as there are many such educational institutions which remain on the top in terms of business education.

5. Germany 

It is the country which is acknowledged for its modern educational programs in the world, as the country continuously introduces the new courses in accordance with the demand of time and generation. 

Germany is also one of those countries which believe in imparting education to the aspirants at free of cost.

6. Singapore 

Well, it may apparently seem to be a small country but when it comes to the excellence of education, then this country always come forward among the top educational countries of the Asian continent. 

There are around only eight universities in Singapore from which you can choose the wide numbers of the professional courses in the various streams.

7. Italy 

If you want to follow up or take your academics from the world’s oldest educational institutions then you must put Italy on the top of your list. 

Italy is having its legacy in some of the world’s oldest educational institutions with the world-class study excellence and often the Indian candidates choose Italy for their professional education.

8. Canada 

This country has the status of the world’s most educated city which should be enough for any Indian students to understand their value and the preference towards education.

The country is having the globally recognised Universities/institutions where you can study any kind of educational program while living the beauty of the country.

Top Universities for International Education for Indian Students 

Well, all of us basically want to seek and avail our admission in the best University/institution of the world, so that we get the best possible value of our degree along with the ultimate excellence of the education. 

Keeping it in our consideration we are mentioning some of the best Universities of the world, which you can consider for the admission purpose as per the preference of your program. 

1. Stanford University 

Well, when we are talking about the world’s best Universities then Stanford surely deserves the top place being world’s highly recognised University. It is basically located in the Stanford region of California state (US). 

The University is one of the oldest Universities of the world and of America had established in the year of 1891. 

You can avail the various kinds of the Graduate and the Postgraduate programs from the University, which includes the Schools of Engineering, Law, Medicine, Humanities, Business and the list goes on. It is a dream of every scholar on the earth to get admission into this University from all the regions of the world.

2. Harvard University 

Harvard is the name of other University from the USA in our list which probably needs no introduction as it is one of those Universities which are known just by their names. The University is located in the famous Cambridge city of the United States and was established long back in the year 1636. 

It offers the UG/PG courses in the core streams such as business programs, management stream, engineering programs, computer science, humanities and other regular programs.

3. University of Oxford 

It is the world’s oldest English speaking University in the whole world which belongs to the United Kingdom. The University was established in the year 1096 and is located in the Oxford city of UK. It offers the combined courses in the various streams of Postgraduate, Masters and even in the Doctoral stream. 

There are more than 300 graduate programs offered by this University to all the aspirants around the world and getting admission there is nothing less than a dream came true.

4. University of Cambridge 

Here is the other world-class University in our list from the United Kingdom to all the aspiring students. It was established for long back in the year of 1209 and is the prime oldest medical Universities of the world. 

There is a wide list of the graduates/postgraduate or the master programs that you can study from this University through the various affiliated colleges and the institutions. It offers all the major courses such as Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, History, English etc. 

4. Yale University 

It is the other legendary private University of United States which is located in the Connecticut state of United States. It was founded in the year 1701 and holds its consistent place among the top 10 Universities of the world. 

You can avail the courses from here such as Engineering courses, regular Bachelor Programs, Business Programs, Science Programs etc. 

5. University of Sydney 

The next University on our list is coming from Australia which is the University of Sydney. It is Australia’s first-ever University which was located in the year 1850 in Sydney city which is also known as one of the most beautiful Universities in the world. 

You can avail here the courses in the streams such as Engineering and Technology, Law, Life Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics etc. 
So, these are some of the best Universities in the world where Indian students can surely seek their admission for the concerned program.

Average Cost for Abroad Education

 When it comes to the abroad education the second thing which comes after your interest is the budget concern, since the education from abroad often requires the decent cash flow thus you must consider this aspect in your mind before going for the abroad education. 

Figuring out the estimated cost of foreign education is never an easy task as the cost highly varies from the one country to the other yet there have been held some researches in this regard which can provide us with a rough idea. 

As per the recently conducted research by the International Institution of Education, the average cost of foreign education may vary from $18000 per academic year to $36000 per academic year in the country such as the United States. On the other hand, the cost varies from $8000 to $21000 if you choose the United Kingdom for your education. 

You need to take the final call regarding your foreign admission keeping the above-mentioned fee parameter in your consideration. 

Top Examinations/Tests for Admission in Universities Abroad

 Well, it’s not that easy in the foreign Universities/institutions that you can make the direct decision of studying there rather there are the entrance exams, which decide the aptitude of the candidate and only after that they are granted their admission.

 Here in this section, we are going to mention some of the significant entrance exams or the admission tests, which are held by the major Universities/institutions in the course of granting the admission to the students. 

1. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) 

It is a very famous test which is related to the admission in some major Universities of USA. The purpose of the test is to check the reasoning, verbal, grammar and the writing skills of the candidates.

The test is conducted by the College Board of USA approximately 7 times in a year.


This is the other competitive entrance exam which is conducted for admission into two different streams which are the medical and the law streams. The test is conducted again by the College Board of USA for all those candidates who want to study medicine and law in the country. 

MCAT is a multiple-choice test which is held for the medical stream while the LSAT is applicable for the law aspirants.


Both of these examinations are held in the United States of America and in Canada. The purpose of the examinations is to check the mathematical, general, verbal and analytical capabilities of the candidates. The exams are held for the admission into the graduates and the postgraduate programs of the USA and Canada.

So, these are the famous entrance exams or the tests which are held at the international level of the Universities/institutions for the Indian and the other foreign candidates.

How to Apply in a Foreign University

Well, making the application to the foreign Universities or the Institutions is the task which includes the various steps of the processes. You need to have the idea about each step and follow each step accordingly so that you can secure yourself a guaranteed admission. 

In this section, we are going to put a step by step guide by which you can make your admission application to the foreign Universities/Institutions. 

Step 1: Choose Your Course/Program

First of all, you need to be clear with the name of the course that you want to undertake from the foreign University since without having the clear idea about your desired course you can’t make admission application. 

Step 2: Read the Details Carefully 

Once you are clear in your head with the course that you want to study then you should make the proper research about the course such as what is the duration of course, what is the course about etc. You need to be clear with all the aspects of the course before making your application.

Step 3: Write a Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is what comes from the real motivation of the candidate who is willing to study a specific course. This letter is then addressed to the University in which the candidate wants to make an application for the admission. 

Make sure that the letter should be written with the real motivation which can justify your interest of studying the concerned program.

Step 4: Ask for a Recommendation Letter

If you are not clear about the name of the University or any institution from which you should pursue your professional program, then you must ask for the recommendation letter from any of the abroad counselling agency. 

In the recommendation letter, they will recommend you the list of those Universities or the Institutions which might be suitable for you in accordance with your educational program.

Step 5: Get Prepared for IELTS or TOEFL Tests

The TOEFL and the IELTS are the well-known language proficiency tests, which are conducted by almost every other foreign Universities/institutions to check the language proficiency scale of the foreign candidates. 

You must prepare yourself for this exam since without qualifying this exam you can’t actually be shortlisted for the admission purpose into any international University.

Step 6: Translate and Authenticate your Documents 

If you are well prepared for all the exams but are lacking with the documents, then your entire hard work may go in vain. 

This is the reason why we suggest to our all candidates to make their documents ready and authenticated for the admission purpose so that the admission process can be finished without any hurdles.

Step 7: Use the Online Application Form

Well, now you don’t actually need to go to the desired University physically for the sake of making your admission application, rather you can make your application online by using the admission platform of the University. 

You just need to register yourself at the website of the University before the stipulated deadline.

Step 8: Register for the Entrance Exam 

The majority of the foreign Universities/Institutions conduct the various kinds of entrance exams or the tests in the course of their admission. 

You must register yourself for the entrance exam and qualify it in order to move forward in the process of admission. 

Step 9: Be Confident for the Interview

The interview is the next step which you will need to take after qualifying the entrance exam. We would suggest you become fully confident for the Interview as an interview is all about checking out the confidence level of the candidate.

Step 10: Schedule your Visa Appointment 

We all know that Visa is an integral document which every candidate must have in order to migrate to the foreign University for the admission purpose. You can fix your appointment for the student visa with the administration of the University to get your Visa before the move. 

Step 11: Plan for the Cost 

Before moving abroad to study at the foreign University it is highly advisable to check in your funds. You must be having the backup of ample funds since the lack of funds can cause you some serious issues later. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are those most frequently asked questions which are asked us by the candidates, who want to go abroad for the sake of their education but are stuck into some dilemmas. 

We urge you to read all the FAQ for your consideration and understanding. 

1. Why Study Abroad?

Well, it’s a very subjective question if you think that getting a foreign education can boost your career perspective and excel your knowledge then you must go ahead.

2. Where in the World Should I Study?

You can study in the University/Institution of any such country which adds the maximum value to your degree and personality and which should also be in your budget. 

3. How Do I Get Started?

Just be specific with your choice of University from where you want to take the desired program of the University and then you can contact the admission officials of the University to assist you in the admission process.

4. How Long Do Study Abroad Programs Take?

Well, it depends upon the program and moreover, the duration of any program remains the same mostly in every country.

5. What Is The Right Time To Apply For Study Abroad Programs?

Well, you can check out the admission opening window of the concerned University/Institution and you should make your application at the same time before the deadline.

6. What are the Admission Requirements for Study Abroad Programs?

It depends upon the chosen program and varies from the one country to the other, however, there are some entrance exams which you are most probably going to encounter such as SAT, TOEFL/IELTS, GRE/GMAT etc. 

7. What Are the Documents I Require To Submit With My Application?

There will be the requirements of some standard documents, which will be required to be submitted on your behalf. The documents prove your capabilities for the admission into the concerned program of the University and you can check out the list of the documents on the admission application form. 

7. Do I have to Speak a Second Language to Study Abroad?

Well, the majority of the Universities and the other educational institutions in the world keep their medium of study in English, thus you will probably need the decent English speaking communication skills and the rest will be fine.

8. Will I Need to Attend an Admission Interview?

It again depends upon the admission policy of the concerned University some offer the admission just after the entrance exam, while some others conduct the Interview session as well.

9. After Getting the Letter of Acceptance, What Do I Do Next?

Once you get your acceptance letter from the University then you will just need to be clear with your student Visa along with the passport, so that you can fly to your dream destination.

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